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The following link is for seven banks that serve the Asian community.I have positions in several of the banks, and they are all characterized by very very low loan loss provisions,high efficiency ratios,and decent returns on equity.The Asians in my neighborhood are extremely religious and industrious people,who do not like debt.If personal debts are incurred,they are paid back quickly.

A Chineese friend told me about a Bank Loan offer of $10,000, interest free,that was made to Chineese people in the New England Area.There were only THREE families that applied for the loan. If this is true, it is absolutely amazing.Chineese,and Korean people living in the U.S. generally do not like debt.

Any thoughts or comments?

Good Luck To All !!!!

Duke Snider

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First, Chinese not Chineese.

Yeh! Chinese is very concervative on doing business. They do not like debt. My boss always taught me that you can "do one dollar business when you have one dollar".

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