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“The European Union passed the U.S. in Covid-19 vaccinations, with the continent inoculating people at a sustained pace and America struggling to persuade vaccine holdouts to get a shot to slow the spread of the Delta variant,l the Wall Street Journal reports.

from the comments:

- It's not an Olympic event. We all win, or we all lose.

- The worst strain of Smallpox 'only' killed a third of those infected. (And left many others scarred for life.) But George Washington still had to order his troops to get the crude and somewhat dangerous inoculation that existed during the Revolutionary War.

- Shame on Face Book and Fox News for making the Biden Administration work so hard to beat the virus with our own miracle vaccines.

- Macron decree had a HUGE EFFECT.

- 'personal sacrifice for the greater good' is less foreign a concept in the EU....Germany and France are very much aware that they slow their own economy and investment a bit by diverting funds and effort to the poorer states of the EU (sacrifice for the good of the whole). Americans don't really grasp how much California, Illinois, New York, Massachusetts sacrifice so that Mississippi and Alabama can have electricity and running water in most of their homes.

- Don't DeSantis my country!
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