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Just the first 1:30 of the link is really all it takes to get the tone of the Bombastic One's flaming of Fox's Bridgegate coverage. And he didn't limit his barrage only to their relative lack of air time, either....

...easy to predict what the Repub line about Christie's press conference would be: Man oh man, this guy greatest leader, greatest potential leader the Republican Party has fielded in who knows how many years. He buried the thing! Slam dunk!

Rush went on to sarcastically wonder how the learned Fox pundits could possibly think that Christie had put the scandal behind him. "I'm reading some comments they're making. I'm in total disbelief!"

He added a sober final thought--"he'd better not be lying." This from one of the most masterful political liars in existence.
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There are two scenarios here. Christie isn't rush's kind of guy. As right wing as Christie is, it's not enough for the goobers. Particularly since Christie is of Italian/RC lineage.

The second scenario suggests Rush knows this is far from over. There is a lot more to be revealed. Rush wants to get ahead of the curve.
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