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And everybody wants to pay as little taxes as they legally can.

But no one likes a cheater.

Trump is a cheater.
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I do not like lower taxes.

I don't like that Democrats protect upper income people via 401K tax deferrals - and now they want to raise Social SEcurity FICA taxes - but protect the Whole Foods idiots in the $140k-$400k income levels.

As someone who DOES NOT pay Federal Taxes - I want the Social Security system solvent, and I want a better infrastructure. I do NOT want lower skilled immigrants paying the taxes for it. I feel the *true* wealthy have ways NOT to pay.

That leaves the conceited greedy Liberal working professional.

He and she MUST pay more.

So raise any and all tax rates - please. ALSO - it's time to tax long term capital gains and dividends at the normal rate, PLUS a surtax. Then END any tax advantages of 401K and IRA bullcrap accounts.

Eventually - the angry and exploited from Portland to Kenosha need to understand - that their overlords and slave owners are not just on Wall Street - but in Austin, Ann Arbor, Chevy Chase, and on and on and on.

Their "attentions" need to be diverted there.

Slowly, legally, and patiently.

BUt - eloquently and with panache if I do say so myself.

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