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Well, it was almost a sad tale. After noting the link probs. last night, I was pleased to see TMF's crack crew right on it this a.m. However, their solution was a re-copy of the FAQ with newly configured links, but without many of the formatted features of the original. Then, in their enthusiasm, they apparently hit the "DELETE" button and <poof> lost the original as well as several of the main linked component posts. Just as I was drafting a "thank you" message to TMFTwitty, I got his email explaining the lost FAQ posts. However, <TA-DAAA> within minutes the lost posts were recovered by the Techies - these however being the ones with the corrupt links (they have also temporarily lost their no. assignments). In the meantime, I decided to simply correct the links from the originals by altering the first seven digits - and will re-post over the weekend. This corrected version will then be linked via the icon down below, and voila we'll have a working FAQ again (in all aspects). Hopefully this will happen by Mon. or Tues.

Meanwhile, the current (temporary) FAQ is the amended one that was semi-fixed this a.m. In the meantime, please note that any links that don't work back to messages from this board can be fixed: change the first seven digits of the location address after the (=) sign. These will be "1331144". These digits should be changed to "1380066". Don't change anything else, and the locator will now link to the right message.

Questions? Email me. Also, if anyone continues to note problems with the FAQ or with links just let me know by using the email option below the message box.


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