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Section 1 – General Information

Questions frequently asked (and answered) on the board.

Windows shutdown problems:

More Windows shutdown problems:

I'd like to move my task bar – how can I do that?

How can I put my favorites in alpha order? (IE 5.01 and later)
On the menu bar where File, Edit... are there is Favorites. L-click on that and R-click on a url. You will have the option to "sort by name" towards the bottom.

OK, how about the programs?
This works in the Start | Programs menu too!

I lost my jewel case for Win98 and I need my product key. How can I get this?

Now THAT was cool – but I have WinME:

I'm running Win98 and keep getting a logon box when I boot up. I'm the only one on this computer. How can I stop the logon box from appearing?;EN-US;q152104

Outlook vs. Outlook Express – They are different!

Setting up Group Mailings in OE

Other stuff

I'm looking for a new computer. What should I buy? What do I need? How much should I look to spend?
Everyone has his or her favorite brand of computers, but before you ever consider which brand you want, you will need to know what you expect the computer to do for you or what you will be using the computer for. Will you be doing word processing and email only? Will you be playing graphic intensive games? Creating digital movies? Figure out your needs and post it to the board. We'll give you some ideas of what to look for in a system (and you'll probably get a brand name or two!)

What are all these “ports” used for?

What else you got for me? Anything on general maintenance?
Note: not everyone agrees that everything in this section is necessary (or even helpful) to perform on a regular basis. Use what works for you.

General 95/98 cleanup
Everything you wanted to know about scandisk and defrag but were afraid to ask
Safety Tips for home users:
Ram vs. System resources informational post (follow the thread for more info)
Win98 Tips & Tricks
Interesting info on file sharing
Deleting stuff – interesting threads:

OK, any helpful websites?
To look up file extensions

Bandwidth speed tests (lists over 100 speed test related sites),2299,s%253D1046%2526a%253D1050,00.asp

IT encyclopedia

For everything Outlook Express 5.x related

Everything USB related

Basic information:

Task List items for Dell

Friendly computer help in plain English
(Note: you might want to double check with the board as some have found easier ways to do things than what is listed on the site.)

Clock sync (Atomic) Dimension 4

To burn copies of CDs: (Note: This is not an invitation to violate copyright laws!)
Easy CD 5 - (information/tools for making backup copies of game software)

To transfer data from your old computer to a new one:
Aloha Bob
For a product review, check out this post by an awesome Fool:

Help with Word

EndItAll (ends all running programs, including things in the background. Useful for shutting everything down before scandisk or defrag.),,0011NB,.htm (info) (product)

Email stripper – no, not THAT kind of stripper. This tool removes the >>> from forwarded emails:

Memory tester

To find the best price:

Any other stuff that I need to know?

Handy programs: (use Start | Run, type program name, click OK)
For Q[ref number] see "The Q number shortcut";en-us;kbinfo#mskb

SYSEDIT - opens all the autoexec.bat, config.sys, etc. files so you can
edit them.

REGEDIT - lets you edit the registry, causing your system to never work
properly again. See Windows Help.

SFC - System File Checker, looks for corrupted DLL's and such, and can also
restore a file from the Windows CD. See Q198605 and Windows Help.

REGCLEAN - Repairs certain problems in the registry. NOTE: The RegClean utility is no longer supported and has been removed from all Microsoft download sites because it is incompatible with newer versions of Office. Use at your own risk.

MSINFO - Shows various system info. See Q184075.

SCANDISK - Checks directory structure for problems, and fixes them
sometimes. Reclaims space lost when a program writes to a file but then
dies (or the power fails) before closing it. Called CHKDSK in Win2000 (and in
DOS before Windows).

COMMAND - Opens a DOS window. (Type EXIT to close window.) Use CMD in Win2000.

WINIPCFG – (Win98) Allows you to reset/renew your IP address for home networks

IPCONFIG – (Win2000) Allows you to reset/renew your IP address for home networks (must be used within a DOS window)

Keyboard shortcuts – See Q126449

To get to Windows help, click on Start, then select “Help”

I need help with WinXP! Don't make me call Redmond!
Links to Microsoft support areas for WinXP

More XP support links

And more:
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