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*(This message was initially posted on 05/09/99 and pertains to the first 1500
message posts. Non-functional links repaired 07/09/99 - mgk ).

A number of companies are mentioned by the participants of this Board. Not all
of them get much attention. Here's a collection of links to some of those that
have had more than passing mention. (Note that these are companies that are
not among the most highly discussed, as those both have their own
active message boards, and are also the subjects of further links elsewhere in
the main FAQ document.) Links are to either the initial or most
representative post.

(Suggestion: set your message list page to messages "threaded", then go
back and forth through thread as needed.)

SAWS: Message thread #554-583 (link to #575):

HLTH: Message thread #506-621, 631-652, 640 (link to #631):

BRKT: Message thread #641-643, 1142 (link to 641):

QCOM: Messages #848, 1290, 1291, 1323 (link to 848):

CNXT: Message thread #847-869 (link to 865):

BRCM: Message #144:

ARMHY: Message #1150:
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