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Welcome to the Chess Board of Fury. The first question might be "Why the name 'Board of Fury'?" Well, simply that's pretty much what I name all my stuff, so it's nothing big. We play lots of games here and talk a lot of other stuff as well. Lots of skill levels, and though we keep win/loss records, no one really takes them to heart. So welcome and grab a game!

The Basics of the Board

A Fool board on chess? That's cool! Well...maybe... What all goes on here?
Check out the first post on the board...

Okay, I'd like to study up a bit more before I start playing. What are some good resources?
Here are some books on chess and some other general ideas. It's been mentioned that you can take lessons from people before, and we certainly use this board to learn from each other. My suggestion would be to try to see a book before buying it, and flip through it to see if it reads the way you want it to. I always do that, and have saved myself from buying about four or five books that I really wouldn't have wanted. (Reassess Your Chess) (Art of War) (Modern Chess Openings) (Standard Chess Openings) (Comprehensive Chess Course) (Concise Chess Openings) (A few different ones) (Mortal Games) (Winning Chess Tactics)
There is also a great chess games site: (provided by texandesi)

So you said it's possible to take lessons from a Grand Master. How and why would I?
Here's some good info about it.
Read the entire thread...

Playing the Game

Wow, you play games on this board? That sounds like fun, and I'd love to join in, but I don't really understand the notations of the moves.
Here are a few posts with move descriptions, as well as a site that explains it all in detail. (provided by DoctorBombay)

What if I'm a total chess beginner? I don't even know what the pieces are!
Try here:
Provided by Clones

Something that's always confused me is which side the Kings go on and which color they're supposed to be on!
Me too. This is as simple an explanation as you can get, and clears that question right up.

What are the exact rules on castling?
You should be able to find out all the rules around it in these posts, including the notation of it. (castling notation)

What are some of these pawn structure terms I'm hearing thrown around?
A good and quick note on some various pawn structures...

What are some specifics about promoting your pawns?
Check out these links.

What is "en passent"?
Here's a description from a site, linked below:
A player may capture another player's pawn in passing (En Passant) under very specific circumstances. This move is designed to prevent a player from taking advantage of the two-square first-move rule for pawns which might allow them to pass their opponent's pawn(s) without a chance to capture.
The capture is made exactly as if the pawn moved only one square on the first move. In the picture, Black's pawn moved up two squares as is its right. White captured the pawn by removing it from the board and placing the passed white pawn on the square marked ep before playing another move. This move, like any other, is optional and can occur as often as a similar situation arises between pawns.

What's up with knights jumping around?
Well, not much...

What's this "fianchettoing" a bishop thing I keep hearing about?
Here are some good descriptions. (why you'd do it or not)

I've heard about something called "Alekhine's Gun". What is it? Am I gonna get shot by someone on this board?
Here's a description of it in this link. You won't get shot, but some of your pieces may get crushed with it.

I'm not really knowledgable about openings. Is it worth reading up on and memorizing openings?

What is the Fried Liver Attack???

I have an electronic chess board at home. How good is it really?
The best lesson can be explained by the expert...

Are there any variations of chess?
There are quite a few, but we have yet to play any of them here. Maybe some day we'll try it out. Here are a few links with some descriptions. Please read the entire threads to get descriptions of all of them.
Here's one I found interesting...a circular chess site!

Players on the Board

Is everyone here a beginner?
Far from it! Some are very much beginners, and many of us don't have USCF ratings. However, we have experts on the board as well, and look to learn a lot from them. The second link here is a poll on who is rated how. Feel free to click to it and let us know where you stand! (An important follow-up to the last poll)

So what's up with this USCF thing and their Rating System?
Why not check out their site?
And check out this post with a direct link to their ratings system info.

Experts here? I'm too good should I really try to become? :-)

Will there ever be a tournament on this board?
Maybe. We haven't started one, but we've discussed it. Perhaps we will soon now that we've got a bunch of games recorded and can separate the players top to bottom a little better.

Wow. You people sound like nerds!
And proud of it!
And we quote Ghostbusters like mad (see the Doc vs. Gabe)

Man psu, you sure make some stupid moves in your games!

Playing Games on the Chess Board of Fury

How serious are these games? What are the parameters?
Mostly for fun. You can cheat pretty easily, but you're not impressing anyone and it only takes the fun out of the game. Play it for real! You'll get a lot more enjoyment out of it, as will your opponent, and you may learn a thing or two. Here's some info...

So, when I'm ready to start playing, do I need to have boards set up at home to play? What if I'm at a different computer and don't have my board?
This issue was brought up early in the life of this board. Clones actually designed the first "virtual board", which can be used here as kind of a picture of the chess board. This helps so you don't always need a chess board set up if you're good enough at visualizing the board from pictures.
It should be noted that some players (ex. rinjr715) use WebTV, and have much difficulty seeing the virtual board and the accompanying post with it, so it cannot be used in all cases. Be sure to check out the third link here so that way you understand what to do to make sure the virtual board actually looks like one when you post it.
Use this for playing on this board if you don't have a chess board handy. Remember that text doesn't wrap when you check the "table data" box...use the "enter" key accordingly. (an example of a mid-game virtual board)

Games look like they take pretty long around here. Is there any way to speed them up?
Certainly, the below link indicates you can do so if there is only one legal move your opponent can make. But there are also some obvious moves that will be made too. If you care to and don't think it will give away part of your plan, feel free to just say "If you do X, I'll do Y and play from there". Usually there are a few skipped moves per game.
Here's an example of skipping a move:

How do I keep track of my games with so many going on?
I've found that this board is best viewed in "unthreaded" mode. While it's useful to view it in "threaded" mode every so often (example is the "Game Thread" described in the next question), it's best to view it unthreaded so you don't have to surf backwards for quite a while looking for your game.

So what happens when the game ends?
Well, you should update your record. Here's the most recent (at the time of writing this FAQ) post of the thread we use to update our records. Go to the last post in that thread, and change the records accordingly.
Then, if you wish, feel free to post a recap of the game! Here are some examples.

Are there other ways to play games with you guys/girls?
Here's a site with some options. I'm not sure that anyone here uses it, but it's an option.

There's been quite a few games already played. Any way I can find them without searching through the more than 7,000 messages on the board?
Yes. Thanks to Tookelso and his terrific site, he's put many of the games easily accessable and reviewable, as well as with commentary where appropriate and the ability to play through some variations without losing your place. It's an amazing site...terrific work!
A copy of this link is after my signed name to make it easily accessable.

Strategy Discussions et al

Why get strategy discussions on the board?
Well, this isn't just a board to play. We also want to learn and become better players! That partially comes with playing, but it also helps to get discussions going about why you would or wouldn't do (or like) certain scenarios or moves.

Discussion on Doubled Pawns
Read the entire thread...
Good post on general "goods" and "bads"

Discussion on chasing minor pieces with pawns
Read the entire thread...

Why you might not take a rook in a knight fork

Discussion on Openings
Read the entire thread

How chess can kill you

365 Chess Lessons
Thanks to Dragonshark for providing the terrific link!

Info on Chess Informants

PDA Chess Aps
Thanks to BuyLower for this!

Last Updated: 1/25/03
I tried giving credit to anyone providing anything else for the board. If I missed a reference, or you have another question or some more info that should be in here, please let me know and we'll update immediately. Enjoy the board!

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Tookelso -

Something we could work on is figuring out which games could be marked in a special fashion so as to attract attention right to them when going to your site. Like how you have the "new" signs up. Would there be a way to get a "Best Of" sign or something of the sort, that we could tag certain games with?

Let me know your thoughts.

- C -
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Great job on the new FAQ, Chris!

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