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Welcome to On Tilt the board for and about poker.

The board was formed after a couple of poker posts on another board turned in to an intense argument on preflop strategy for QQ. Naturally the argument carried over to this board for a while.

The original FAQ was a work in progress created by Zarley and never quite got completed. Much of it is reproduced here – and expanded upon – but props to the author.

Q. What's the Game?

Hereabouts the game is mostly Texas Hold Em in its many variations. Just saying Limit and No Limit doesn't do justice to wide variety of game makeup at different levels and under different circumstances. In a broad sense Limit Hold Em is a science while No Limit is an art but as with most things there is a lot of artistry to optimal Limit and there is a lot of science to optimal No Limit. Nearly every poster plays real money on-line. Most also play real money in card rooms and home games. You will find many posts on all of these scenarios.

We do touch on Omaha and other games but you will have to do your own search for those posts. Or better yet post your own questions here.

For a quick “how to” read this link. Then you will be ready to jump in to a real money table. Honest.

Just make sure you let us know which one.

Q: What does 'On Tilt' mean?

'On Tilt' is poker lingo for a player who has become so frustrated/angry/distracted that his play is affected. This is also known as Steaming. Players on tilt will change their style of play, becoming too aggressive or to passive. You second guess yourself and get caught making dumb bets – or not betting when you should. A series of bad beats or losing pots to weak players who get lucky or running up against a tough player who always seems to have you beat are examples of things that might make a player go on tilt.

Recognizing that you've become rattled and sitting out a few hands or ending your session altogether can save you a lot of money if you find yourself on tilt.

Here is a link to a decent glossary of poker lingo:

Q: Do you guys really trust on-line casinos with your money?

For the most part. The on-line casinos have a good deal of motivation to keep their games honest. They've invested thousands of dollars in software development alone and would probably lose money overall if it was only a scam to steal a few hundred bucks from a few suckers. No one has reported any bad experiences from any of the on-line card rooms and most of us have long since withdrawn our initial stakes and are now playing with other peoples' money.

But naturally do your own due diligence.

Q. Yeah, but is it legal?

We think so until someone proves us wrong. Decide for yourself

Q. When I start winning lots of money on the internet do I have to pay taxes?

Only if you want to stay legal.

Q. Okay, I'm interested. How do I learn more?

I'm so glad you asked.

1) First read a good book. And then read another one. Then another.

Recommended beginning books:

“Winning Low Limit Hold Em” – Lee Jones
“Hold Em Poker” – David Sklansky
“Theory of Poker” – David Sklansky

More advanced books:

“Hold Em Poker for Advanced Players” –Sklansky/Malmuth
“Super System” – Doyle Brunson
“The Complete Book of Hold Em Poker” – Gary Carson
“Play Poker Like the Pros” – Phil Hellmuth**

*This is an expanded version of Hold Em Poker. All of the information from the beginner book is here so if you have a good grasp of strategy you can probably skip the first book.
**This is presented as a beginner's book but only because Hellmuth is a sadist. This is a good book to read on how to defend against maniacs because Hellmuth is in the business of training them.

Useful for Live Games:

Mike Caro's Book of Tells-The Body Language of Poker – Mike Caro
A good book to read as a defensive measure so you don't give away much playing live.

No Limit and Pot Limit games:

Championship No Limit & Pot Limit Hold 'Em (Championship Series) – TJ Cloutier

2) Practice. Buy yourself a copy of Turbo Texas Hold Em or Tournament Texas Hold Em. The software is about $90 and will pay for itself many times over in money you don't lose practicing live. Yes we know you just made a million dollars on the play money tables. The play you see there is nothing like the play you will see when the money gets real. TTH won't make you an expert but if you can consistently beat it you won't hemorrhage cash when you move to the real money tables.

3) Read this board and other poker articles and sites. Ask questions. Post hand histories here and ask for criticism. (And for gosh sakes don't be thin skinned when you get it)

Q. What other poker articles and sites?

Q. Okay, I'm ready to sign up for an on-line account. Which site is best?

That depends who you ask. Most of us have an account on Party Poker. Others use Ultimate Bet. Some both and other sites. Many sites offer sign up or referral bonuses. Anyone here will be happy to send you a referral and split the bonus with you but sometimes your signup bonus is better without the referral. Pick your poison.

Q. Thanks for the absolutely brilliant and amazing FAQ. Who are you guys anyway?

Going in close order to first posts to this board:

psuasskicker6. Master of the 23 paragraph rebuttal. Brings his howitzer to gun fights. He is often right but even when he is wrong he will tire you out with reams of esoteric argument. If he ever gets you on your heels make fun of Kyle Boller.

TilHank. Doesn't post frequently but everything he posts is worth reading. Finances his frequent Vegas trips by playing quad 3/6s simultaneously while bouncing his wife on one knee and daughter on the other.

Trick. The Professor. Frequently takes on Montana mountain men in his live games at the local card room in between bouts of digging his basement out of river mud. Vegas regular will tell you more than you ever wanted to know about all of the city's casinos and strip clubs.

TheNajdorfDefens. Complete fish. East coaster that frequents AC and rolls traders for nickels during lunch games. Finances his table losses with an annual trip to the Vegas sportsbook.

neofool22. The Dean of Short Games: Gets followed by a coterie of bodyguards to dank smoky cardrooms where he plays obscure fusions of Hold 'Em, Go, and Russian Roulette. His standard opening is to cap the flop. Then he gets Really aggressive.

albaby1. The stats man. Will easily crumble any of your hand defenses with multiple volleys of probabilities that not only reveal your weak play but also your poor credit rating.


AngryCandy, On a twelve month unlucky streak. Should snap out of it any day now.

spybreak. An expert ½ player. Planning to graduate to 2/4 games soon.

sonofed. The board's foremost expert on the Foxwoods casino. Has been playing a lot more on line since his house arrest after being convicted of assaulting a parking attendant.

IronicFelix. Living seven time zones to the east he gets to mercilessly beat on high schoolers logging on to their parents' account mid-afternoon. He's usually asleep by the time the sharks get on line.

And many other infrequent and recent posters like BenSolar, RPMick, xDEADBEEF, howardroark, ReadyTeddy, AcmeFool, conick, goingbrokeiseasy, eboller, vuelta, IndecisiveFool, gnostic11, nickelsworth, carver1963, Burghy, NutFlush, JCook9, stan002, magnusrex, galagan, eaglehaslanded, gam321 …

… and me. patchdodd. Wielder of the might T6o, what I like in skill I make up for in argumentativeness.

A Few Awards – as voted on by me:

Thread of the Year (ps: Naj, you're still wrong)

Post of the Year
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