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Foolish Collective FAQ

I've decided to attempt to write an FAQ, I'll probably leave a lot of stuff out, so if you need to add anything please do.

Also most of the FAQ is take from Admiral's FAQ.

1. What is the Foolish Collective and what is its mission?
It is a true Collective of Fools learning how to research companies and build an investment portfolio(s) together. It is a subset of The Motley Fool and accordingly the Foolish Collective's overall mission is to help TMF “Educate, Amuse and Enrich”. It is respectful, tolerant, nurturing and inclusive of all persons and ideas. It welcomes both experienced and beginner investors alike. It particularly encourages beginners to become involved in a safe environment. It also encourages all to have some fun in their research and online relationships with each other.

2. How did the Foolish Collective get its name?

The Foolish Collective originated as the RM Seminar Grads March 2001 board. At the beginning it started much like many seminar boards as a place to continue seminar homework and research. It then became more organized with several Fools setting the tenor and standards for posters on the board. Not wishing to discourage those Fools who had not taken the RM Seminar and to differentiate ourselves a little from other seminar grad boards we came up with the name Foolish Collective RM March 2001. The “RM March 2001” had to be included to conform to TMF guidelines. Here is a post by Tom (1000) explaining the reasons for the name change. On 22nd November 2002 we became simply the “Foolish Collective”

3. What are the Learning Objectives of the Foolish Collective?

Goal 1. To establish a growing network of friends that through co-operation increases our Collective knowledge in general and investing knowledge in particular.

Goal 2. To record that knowledge in such a way that is easily accessible and available for future learning.

Goal 3. To increase our net worth, both as a Collective and through our own individual investments and to learn to do so whilst minimizing risk.

Goal 4. To learn to use different investment strategies to achieve goal 3. These may include TMF RuleMaker (RM), TMF Rule Breaker (RB), TMF Foolish 8 Smallcap, Stock Selection Guide (SSG), Fisher 15 point analysis or any other strategy that may assist us in our learning.

Goal 5. To Collectively assist each other in understanding and/or applying anything that is relevant to our learning in the investment field.

Goal 6. To never stop growing, evolving and establishing new goals as the Collective deems appropriate

The first three question are taken right from Admiral's FAQ which is right here:

4. Does The Foolish Collective maintain any portfolios?

Currently, no. But hopefully we will create a few soon, to help the other posters learn.

5. Wow, this board seems like a gold mine, how can I get to the best posts?
Unfortunately The Foolish Collective has over 37,000 posts, so going thru them all would be near impossible. However our historian, TMF1000, got thru the first 1430 here and people continue go thru the rest of the posts, hopefully one day we will have all of them summarized.

6. Does the Foolish Collective do any research on stocks?

Yes, currently we are researching COHT, The research archive is here: . And the projects board is here: .

7. Did this board really have elections?

Kind of. I posted this , but we have yet to actually vote on anything, maybe we'll start the nominations soon.

8. Is it okay if I ask a stupid beginner question?

Well, first of all your question isn't stupid -- I don't know why you would say that. But, yes you are certainty welcome to ask any investing/personal finance question that may be wondering about. Your question will probably be answered by veteran experts who know what they're doing, and how to teach.

9. I have a question about the history of this board, what should I do?

Our historian, TMF1000 who had the first TMF post -- before he was a TMFer -- knows just about every thing there is to know about this board. Heck, if you ask him he could tell you what # poster you are :-).
His profile is here:

10. I am beginning and really don't a clue as to how to go about researching a stock, how can I learn?

Right now, as a team we are researching Cohesant Technologies (NASDAQ:COHT). You can read the posts about it already here:

Feel free to ask questions to any of the posters, and stay tuned as we evaluate the rest. You should probably print or bookmark these pages so you can take notes for the future.

11. Is it true that there is a 14 y/o kid who posts on this board?

Actually yes that would be me :-).

What do you think?

Again I'm sure I left something out, please reply with some more stuff.

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