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Hey Barcoo
I was posting my charts= Far had a nice day pushed through downtrend line & 150mda on good volume. It double based last June & July at .07 & has since been falling & rising above the 150mda. The .15c mark has been a big resistance in the recent past so todays action is important.
Next resistance is .20c.No doubt .15c is important so you wouldn't like to be holding this stock if it broke below .15 & failed to climb back above it quickly. I'll be watching to see how this one opens.
I'll set a tightish stop.
Seem to remember you like/d Far.


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Sorry Jono
FAR wasn't me, unless I'm having a memory lapse.
Had a look at the chart, fair bit of volatility, may be one to trade the bounces (with tight stops as you say).
Could get 10 to 20% in a couple of days but need nerves of steel to play that game. Especially the way I tried it.
Tried it a few years ago with WMC options, with the shares bouncing about $4.50 to $5.50. Did alright for a while but was about to lose 99% of my stake when the gold price jumped about $35 in about 3 days to save my skin on the death knell. Came out about even.
Decided to leave those games alone until I had more experience and knowledge, still not up to where I think I can do it comfortably.
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