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Cassie your comment on stalking PLF and it getting away from you.
This is my (rough) opinion from a TA point of view.You might like to enlist JRs opinion on this but I just had a look at the 2 year weekly chart. Just an eyeball opinion but it looks to me as if the resistance is between 2.80 and 3.00. Once (if) that is cleared it looks like it could go to 4.00 reasonably quickly.

From an FA point of view it could be that the current share price run up is factoring in the $20m raised and calling it money in the bank, which would be a fairly stupid thing to do as this will either have to be paid back in 3 years or be offset by an increase in shares on issue.
It could be that the current price is fundamentally justifiable- depends what figures you use. In that case it wouldn't have got away from you at all.

One thing to remember about "the one that got away"- "there are plenty more fish in the sea".
By the way Cassie-reminds me of a brilliant piece of graffitti I saw years ago written in one of the study cubicles at college - "Procrastination is a waste of time" sort of on a par with "Who cares about apathy?"
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Hi Barcoo,thanks very much for all the info, I'll heed your advice and watch for a while...jump in later..

( Hope it does really well for you, should be a pretty good long-term
bet I would think)


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Yep $3.00 bucks is major resistance. In the medium term I'd expect a correction backtowards $2.40.Long term the chart looks good & without going into my fib/Elliott wave reading in full a target price of $6.80 to $7.00 looks probable(9 months)


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