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I might be purchasing a property which I would then turn around and list once the snow melts. I'd like it on the MLS, but do not want to have a listing agent--rather one of the pay-a-fee outfits. Where all should I list it? Recommendations? Experiences? Thoughts?

Much thanks for the ideas.

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One of my worst buying experiences ever was with one of these listing sites. I won't even look at a property that is listed in one.

Some people are capable of doing a FSBO, 99% are not. If you are going to go this route make sure you think through the whole process, and know how you are going to handle each step, from providing a contract to dealing with settlement.

A good amount of what an agent does is keep the sellers and buyers from letting their emotions run away with their common sense. As we saw from the VT alumni, not all agents can even do that. Getting a contract ratified is only one of the first of many steps to a successful sale.

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