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Hi! I would love some feedback from all the brilliant minds that I've seen contributing in the past.

I subscribe to a wonderful Canadian site called "Advice for Investors" I pay for a number of subscription services through them (since we unfortunately don't get good Canadian coverage here). One of them had an update today in which they strongly recommend Aliant Inc.(AIT on the TSX) It's a diversified communications company in Atlantic Canada. They seem to have a very strong balance sheet, they've raised their dividend for the 5th year in a row and for the 3rd straight year they had a major stock buy back. Having just listened to their conference call from the end of January, they seem to be expecting continued double digit growth and seem to be on top of new business trends and needs. They come across as very solution oriented. This next point I am not completely clear on, I missed part of this aspect of the call, but it seems that they do expect some increase costs regarding pension up to an expected 120-130 million in cost/year. They are focused on expansion throughout Halifax, St.John's Newfoundland. Their thrust is Halifax and are "aggressively trying increase their footprint."

They certainly seem to increase their customer base significantly each quarter.

While listening to their conference call, they mentioned a loss I believe connected to interest costs (??)of 7cents per share for each of the first two quarters of the year... it was a little hard to hear this part of the conversation - Nobody listening seemed to be particularly concerned about this.

They claim to have a balanced approach to reinvesting and returning excess cash through share purchase and dividends. Committed to growing the dividend. Committed to bringing higher capacity Internet access and "taking ownership of the consumer home" - offering something like bell expressvue, etc.

IPTV is a very big focus for them in the consumer market as well. IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) describes a system where a digital television service is delivered to subscribing consumers using the Internet Protocol over a broadband connection. This service is often provided in conjunction with Video on Demand and may also include Internet services such as Web access and VOIP where it may be called Triple Play and is typically supplied by a broadband operator using the same infrastructure. Perhaps a simpler definition would be television content that, instead of being delivered through the traditional format, is received by the viewer through the technologies used for the World Wide Web. In the past, this technology has been nearly impossible with slow dial-up download speeds inhibiting any form of video content to be received. Now, however, IPTV is expected to grow at a brisk pace in the coming years as broadband is now available to more than 100 million households worldwide. Many of the world's major telecommunications providers are exploring IPTV as a new revenue opportunity from their existing markets and as a defensive measure against encroachment from more conventional Cable Television services.

For further info: Here's a link to further info definition of IPTV:

Customer retention is also very important to them and historically they've done very well. They feel that the introduction of their "value packages" has been very important and very successful.

Advice for Investors said overall that they recommend it for their very strong balance sheet, that they raised the dividend for the 5th year in a row and b/c of the share repurchase.

I would really appreciate any feedback you may have... Thank you!!!
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Interesting writeup, Thanks.

Unfortunately for us Southerners, they don't seem to have an ADR.

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