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I'm thinking the Republicans in the Senate are lobbying ambivalent Democrats that "of course you want to keep the filibuster! If you got rid of it, we'd bulldoze you with the legislation WE want, and there'd be nothing you can do. We should keep that tool for both of our sakes."

Only problem is, Republicans/conservatives are about maintaining the status quo, and stopping "progress." The Repubs don't *really* want to pass anti-abortion legislation, or whatever evangelical wish list there is.

We've seen, even on this board, "Trump put a 'vangie on the Supreme Court. That's all I wanted so he's done as far as I'm concerned."

I'm sure the Republicans *really* don't want the right wing to stay home instead of voting. Why on God's green earth would they give them any legislation that makes them stay home? They'd lose horribly.

So the filibuster is their only tool for stopping progressive legislation giving people nice things for their tax dollars.

Republicans clearly don't know how to write legislation that can withstand judicial scrutiny, possibly can't even write legislation at all. It's a small geriatric contingent with a large whack job younger generation. Can Lauren Boebert even write at all? We have all sorts of tools to dismantle right wing legislation written in bad faith.

No. The filibuster is a tool for conservatives. Just look at which Dems aren't willing to do away with the extra-constitutional maneuver - Manchin and Sinema, with Tester waffling. These aren't liberals scared of right wing legislation. They're conservatives afraid of being primaried.
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I doubt Jon Tester is afraid of a being primaried by a progressive Democrat in Montana. We are incredibly lucky to have him as a senator from that red state. He's actually pretty liberal--much moreso than Krysten Sinema and probably Mark Kelly. But they're the best we can do in Arizona at the moment.

PS--Tester switched his farm to organic decades ago.
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