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Today we paid off not one but two, yes *two* credit cards that we've been carrying balances on for years.

I'm sure LBYM would be thrilled to hear that.

-synchronicity, making progress
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The 0% finally ended ?
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Nah, these were the 4.99% and 3.99% forever cards, which were the highest interest rate ones we had left.

We split "excess" funds between savings, debt, and college, but for a long time we were "ahead" on debt because of making prepayments on our mortgage for various reasons, so it was all going to "savings" and "college". Now that we're "caught up", funds are going towards debt as well.

Unfortunately, our next highest debt is now our mortgage (thanks to the effective elimination of most or all of the mortgage interest deduction), so excess funds for debt will be bricks thrown into that Grand Canyon.

-synchronicity, still has several cards at 1.99% forever and one at 2.99%.
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