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2011 Update:
Net worth up 8.9% in 2011. [S&P +0%] (Net worth up 4.0X in past 8 years)

Current Portfolio:
25% Picked Stocks (9% net worth in WMT, PFE, CHK)
29% 401k Mutual Funds (75% S&P500 index fund)
11% Fixed Income (Cash Savings, Money Market)
126% California Real Estate (Our House Value*0.93)
-91% Mortgage 4.25% fixed 30yr

2011 Despite continued increases in W2 income, cash on hand dropped from 16% to 11% this year due to an extended expensive summer family vacation to Europe. Worth it, but will be focused on getting cash back up to 15% of NW this year. We refinanced again, no cost 4.25% 30yr fixed, rates just keep on dropping (previous rate was 4.5%). House appraised for about 7% over our 2009 purchase price; nice to see housing prices stabilize. Both kids still in and likely forever will be in private school, now 4yo and 6yo. Kids sure change financial outlooks. My job continues to remain stable with increasing income each year, but my industry will end at some point, 5 years, 10 years? … no one can predict. Fully funded my 401k this year.

2010 Update: NW +31% [S&P +13%]

2009 Update: NW +6% [S&P +23%]

2008 Update: NW (-31%) [S&P -40%]

2007 Update: NW +15% [S&P +6%]

2006 Update: NW +23% [S&P +14%]

2005 Update: NW +46% [S&P +3%]

2004 Update: NW +82% (mostly home value increase) [S&P +9%]

2003 Update: Net worth (NW) baseline = 1.0 (about 1.5X annual income at the time) at age of 29.

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Kids sure change financial outlooks.

Yes they do . . . .
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