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Integrated circuit, computers, internet... All of these things built on previous work, and changed the way humans interact with our environment.

What's next?

Voice recognition tech? Maybe?

Siri, Alexa, Google, and now Dish networks all rely on voice commands to accomplish tasks.

How many students today use mental math skills and or writing and spelling skills vs relying on calculators and spell check.

We know how Siri, Alexa, and Google are changing people's interaction with music and searching the internet, and voice recognition with a maps app and SMS.

I'm writing this sentence in this post in this message board using the microphone voice to text function on my phone.

Will the ability to ask answers from some voice recognition tech further reduce human abilities? Is keyboarding at risk? Conversion of text to audio and vice versa suggest reading and writing skills may further diminish?

I don't see a way to invest, because the voice recognition tech is decentralized, but I do think this is a macro economic trend.

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Is keyboarding at risk?

r u tlking abt sml tlk or wht?

p.s. I never do that (above) so I made it up from what I thought people use. I hate that people type like that. My sister keeps saying prolly and I think that is 'probably'...but how am I supposed to know for sure? Go look up every word or ask? No thanks. BTW when I talk to her on the phone she mumbles so I can usually do better figuring out what she is saying with shortened text rather than audio.
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Ralph, sixty years ago an MIT grad student was talking about his Ph.D. thesis, the Shoebox Project. That was the first time I heard of voice recognition. It's taken over two generations to become commercially mainstream. Even today when I watch some uTube videos I hear that it's a robot talking. It's hard to fake a human.

While I believe the technology will continue to improve and spread I doubt that any one company will be able to monopolize it for great profits, it's too diffused already for that.

Denny Schlesinger
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Look into AI computer chips. Voice recognition is a big AI application. It turns out that graphics chips work pretty well for AI. Regular PC chips are inefficient.
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