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Firefox Tips and Fixes

Lots of alternative browsers out there but only Firefox caught any traction. It now has
just a hair over 10% market share (April 2006). Many of us here at the HWTSC board use it as our primary
browser. It is more secure than Internet Explorer IE. It offers tabbed browsing.

Tabbed browsing in Firefox lets you load Web pages in separate tabs of a single browser window, so you can
jump between them quickly and easily. Need a new window? Merely use "Ctrl' plus 'T' and you have a new tab (or
use 'right click' on a link).

Q. Where can I download this bad boy? Can I import my 'favorites' from Internet Explorer?
A. Download Firefox here: To import 'favorites' from
IE, merely open Firefox and a wizard will come up with this sequence: Go to Bookmarks
pull-down menu>Manage bookmarks>File>Import>Internet Explorer

Q. I have been using Firefox for a while and all of a sudden, my bookmarks went away.
Where did my bookmarks go? Did Firefox eat them?
A. With the 1.5 version, bookmarks seem to 'slip away' on some people. You aren't the
first! This link will take you to the site with all you need for finding your bookmark
folder. It really still is on your harddrive. Don't panic:

**If you lose your bookmarks, you may need to learn about the "user profile manager." What's that?
Simple: just read up here - **

Q. Can I back up the bookmarks?
A. Yeppir. Now, if you want to keep the absolute most recent file around, try this extension: This extension will back up your bookmarks every
time you shut down the Firefox browser. Next time they disappear, you have the most recent
file available to you.

Q. Extension? What is an extension? Never heard of them with IE.
A. Extensions are small add-ons that add new functionality to Firefox. Don't make it more
complicated than it is. They are there to 'jazz up' Firefox and do little neat things that
IE never thought of doing.

Q. Where do your get the extensions?
A. All over the place. These will get you started: and and

Getting the picture? There are a ton of them out there (I lost count at 1,000+) ... play
around with them ... they can make the whole browsing experience better.

Q. Firefox is fast. Can I put ethanol in it and speed it up?
A. Yes, 'Firetune' will actually goose it. If you tweak it, you will experience the speed of
light. Well, not quite but almost. Get it here:

Q. What's the point? Isn't IE a good browser?
A. Of course it is but for now (Apr '06), IE doesn't have tabbed browsing, IE doesn't have
the array of extensions, and IE, well -- IE is Bill's (Gates, not Ford). Competition is good
for the soul. If you use Firefox for three weeks, I guarantee you that you will not
go back to IE.

Q. But how about toolbars. Bet Google doesn't have a toolbar for Firefox.
A. Wrong. Google, Yahoo, Clusty, and others make a Firefox toolbar. You can get the Google toolbar for Firefox here: And, all of the toolbar's features
are described here:

As well, the Groowe toolbar permits you to install a search box with an array of search capabilities. You can get that here:

Q. Can I take my bookmarks, passwords, and extensions on the road?
A. Sure, use the download for the portable here:

Q. Is there a forum to help me if I get into the soup with Firefox? Who will bail me out?
A. Three quick ideas:
1) Remedies for Firefox problems are listed here:
2) Ask at our HWTSC board. Some very sharp folks are more than willing to help
3) If you would like to try the bigger world out there, this forum is excellent: .

Q. OK, I am sold. I have tried Firefox and swear I will never go near Redmond again. What
is next. How can I become a Firefox junky?
A. Well, your next step is to download a wallpaper from here: Whatever you do though, you mustn't tell
averagjoe about the 'Firefox chick' wallpaper If you do, he will find some bizarre use for
it that its creators never intended <g>.

Q. Anything else?
A. Sure, put a 'spread the Firefox' icon on your website
(, on the side of your boss's desk, on
the back of your laptop over the top of your Dell logo, on your prof's office door, on the church
get the picture.

Q. Any concluding thoughts?
A. Well, if you become sold on Firefox, you might want to try the email handler that
complements it: Thunderbird. It is available free for the download at: As well, consider migrating away from Adobe for reading
your pdf's and switch to Foxit. It is the lightest, smallest pdf reader you will ever find.
Download it and you will never go back to the behemouth Adobe again. I liked it so much (so much faster than
Adobe) that I uninstalled Adobe. Enjoy.

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