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First, the issue is why you refer to those who disagree with you are "snowflakes." It's offensive in and of itself. Those who are not fans of Trump have every right to their opinions, and your denigration of that right - and even you inability to even fathom a difference of opinion, is offensive. Get over it. More people didn't support Trump than did.

Second, I don't lose sleep when I hear the name. I actually have pity for those who idolize him - and often question them about what SPECIFIC policies he proposed or implemented that had a positive effect on their lives. Tax cuts? Nope, 90 % of the benefits went to the top 10% who put them in their brokerage account (non-productive in terms of simulative to the economy). Health care? Still waiting on that one. Foreign policy? Bankrupt farmers and tariff burdens on AMERICANS. I could go on. But then again, Trump supporters generally can't discuss the issues - they believe in a cult of personality. By the way, it's THESE ISSUES I'd love to discuss with you, if you could....

I didn't learn hate. Trump spewed it (Lying Ted (and his ugly wife), Crooked Hillary, Little Marco, etc.) his abusive treatment of women, his condescending nature with respect to immigrants, blacks, etc (and his open support of white supremacist's). It truly is pathetic that you don't realize this language/action as "hate" and yet accuse me of learning hate in school for opposing the policies and persona of DJT, and those who follow him. Not loving him is not the same as hating him. Get over it.

I don't get shakes over references to the 45th President, I simply correct him that it is appropriate to refer to him as the "former President." Implication that he is "still" president are delusional.

Accusations of Biden having Alzheimer's are nothing but covfefe and an excuse to hate him and those who voted for him. Proof? Examples? Affect on his policies?

Your side always resorts to attacks on the messenger - and refuse to address the message.

My turn:

Do you believe DJY's numerous document affairs are appropriate and demonstrate character?
Did you learn that ad hominum attacks (accusing Biden of having Alzheimer's, calling me and other's who disagree with you "snowflakes") in school?
What parts of TrumpCare (his health care plan) do you think are the best (and why)? PLEASE CITE THE SECTION OF THE LEGISLATION TO PROVE YOUR POINTS ( :-) )
Do you think it is appropriate to tell supporters to "beat him up" when a protestor arrives at one of his rally's is "presidential?"
Do you think spreading lies about having won an election he clearly lost is good for the country?
Do you think calling an election official during the counting of ballots before cetification to ask them to find the exact number of ballots he needed to win was appropriate?

Go on. Be honest. Don't just say these things are didn't occur, because they are FACTS. You are entitled to your opinion, but aren't entitled to your own facts.

Like I said, I'll discuss issues all day long - but your diatribe PRESUMES a defect on my part and those like minded. We aren't snowflakes. We are sentient, and perceptive. You are demonstrating that you are unwilling to see reality - and would rather start from the premise that we are wrong. We aren't. We have differing opinions. But at least we accept facts as facts and dismiss conspiracy theories and conspiracy theorist as a danger to our country, and way of life.
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