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Hi all,

during the last ten days or so there have been a couple of anouncements to see or hear Tom G. at Kudlow & Company and David G. at NPR.

I searched the internet for a possibility to follow CNBC on the net, but I didn't find anything.

Do you have some tipps for fools outside the US how to follow these interviews?

Will there be a video stream available at

Thanks a lot.
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Hey Henry,

Here's what I'd recommend.....for the "Talk of the National" interview today, most of the large NPR affiliate stations stream their audio on the internet. You can find a few stations at and listen to David's interview this afternoon that way. He's scheduled to be on at 2pm Eastern Standard Time. Not every station carries the show live, so if you miss it, check some of the other stations for when they might carry it later in the day.

As for CNBC and other television interviews, right now we don't stream that on our site. It's possible that at some point we may be able to show some of these types of interviews or even the entire thing. But for right now, check to see if they show clips. I don't believe they stream their network live, but they may show clips, like, 24 hours after they air live.

Finally, I can tell you that we're moving to a new office this weekend and a larger, more robust broadcast studio is being finished. In the coming months, expect to see more in the way of audio and video offerings at!

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