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The 2018 Foolanthropy campaign has only a few days remaining and while Fools have contributed over $55,000 towards the rebuilding of the Celso Muñoz Primary School in Oaxaca State, Mexico. That's just 36% of what was raised last year for disaster relief in Puerto Rico.

Given the speed news stories come and go from the headlines, you might be forgiven if you had forgotten that Oaxaca was hit with 8.2 and 7.1 earthquakes within just 12 days back in September, 2017. The damage was unimaginable and left hundreds of students their schools reduced to rubble. All Hands & Hearts Disaster Response has been in Oaxaca rebuilding the schools, but the project for the Celso Muñoz Primary School is still $125,000 short of having enough funds for completion. That's where Foolanthropy 2018 comes in.

The immediate goal for this year's campaign is $80,000, and we're already over 68% of the way there, but still far short of the goal.

From the All Hands & Hearts web site:

More than a year after the devastating earthquakes hit, many schools in Mexico are still unsafe for children to learn in …. Our work on the Celso Muñoz Primary School will be focused on rebuilding 7 classrooms, retrofitting 4 classrooms and rebuilding the office and library to ensure that students have a safe and resilient place to learn. This school will allow 170 students, between the ages of 6 and 12 to return to school and receive the education they need for a brighter future. Oaxaca is a state noted for its cultural diversity and long-standing traditions.

To date, All Hands & Hearts has brought in 350 volunteers from around the world, contributing 3,385 volunteer days, helping 1,646 students in 11 schools. That's what I call a good return on investment. With your help, we can make it 12 schools completed.

Check out the Program Page to see how your support is being put to work:

As a refresher, All Hands & Hearts is an international disaster relief organization that is often the first in after a natural disaster, a global army of volunteers that go whenever and wherever needed. They are 4-Star rated on Charity Navigator, Platinum-rated on Guide Star and A+ rated on Charity Watch, with 95% of every dollar raised going to the people who were affected hardest and need it most.

Here's a great photo journal from All Hands & Hearts Smart Response in Oaxaca in 2018:

This is real work being performed by regular people who have a simple mission to have an impact on their world.

Here's how you can help.

• A $25 donation can provide protective gear for one volunteer, including a hard hat, safety glasses and gloves.

• A $50 donation can buy a wheelbarrow for hauling out debris and transporting building materials to the work site.

• A $75 donation can buy a ladder to enable volunteers to safely reach the roof (and get back down again).

• A $100 donation can buy an impact driver kit, an essential tool for building the mold for a concrete pour.

• A $250 donation can buy 25 bags of cement for laying foundations, bricklaying walls and protecting the school against future earthquakes.

• A $500 donation can fund a soil study by the local Oaxacan soil engineer, required for government approval of the reconstruction.

• A $1000 donation will pay for a month-long rental of shoring for concrete pours.

If you would like to donate in the form of a stock donation, just notify your bank/broker that you’d like to transfer shares as a charitable gift to All Hands and Hearts Smart Response, Inc. Identify the number and type of shares you’d like to contribute:

DTC# 0352, J.P. Morgan Clearing Corp
All Hands and Hearts Smart Response, Inc., 920-34678
Tax ID #20-3414952

If you do not want to donate online, you can mail a check to:

All Hands and Hearts Smart Response
ATTN: Engagement Department
6 County Road, STE 6
Mattapoisett, MA 02739

Be sure to indicate on your check that you are supporting the 2018 Foolanthropy fundraiser.

When donating online, you can even become a sustaining supporter with a monthly donation, request a matching donation from your employer, or dedicate your donation in favor of someone. And if you are willing, please help cover the costs of processing your donation so that the full value of your donation goes directly to All Hands & Hearts Smart Response.

This year I set up a Foolanthropy 2018 Challenge over on the Fuskie's Town Hall Exposition board. Both both CMF_bru5ce and akaprimo will donate $1 per Rec on my post there:

Plus, they will donate an additional $1 per Rec on their posts in the thread. But my post has only received 43 Recs and CMF_bru5ce and akipromo's posts have only received 25 and 23 Recs respectfully. This is your chance to contribute to Foolanthropy 2018 without having to spend a dime yourself!

Who knows that the market spooked a lot of Fools at the end of 2018 and there is a lot of economic uncertainty in the air to start 2019, but in Oaxaca, Mexico, there is plenty of certainty - certainty that these children need a safe, healthy and vibrant school in which to learn so that they can continue on the right track to be contributing, productive global citizens...

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