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I said last night, that the major reason I lurked on this board was Phil Marti. I meant no disrespect to any other posters who offer their time, and effort answering questions. You all provide a valuable service.

My problem is that most boards on the fool do not provide the type of service that this board does. The quickest way to alienate posters, who come to this board specifically, is to ding the top guy providing the answers. Other posters who respond, are under no obligation to do so. They do it out of a sense of "community", for the Tax Strategies board. But, not having a "lead" answer man, is an abomination.

There must be some way to let the Fool know that this is an error of epic proportions, and needs to be rectified ASAP. I can see it now....the Gardner Boys...buried in a virtual pile of SPAM.

We Want Phil!
We Want Phil!!
We Want Phil!!!


PS - If, by some miracle, the Fool tries to call Phil back, I wouldn't blame him if he did a Johnny Paycheck, and told them to, "Take your job, and shove it!"
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Phil has been ten times more helpful to me than the Brothers Gardner.

They will get an email from me.

Bring Back Phil!!!!
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Phil is still here, uh rather, he's back!!! See message 46087.
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