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In memorium of our fallen comrade, I've reviewed his posts and compiled this best of 4*D list.

La Maison:

Probably the biggest reason I loved 4*D was because he was one of our own, Un Maisonais. And how he flattered yours truly:

For the second night in a row my computer died when I tried to post to this board. This has never happened on any of the other
boards I post to. I've known a lot of woman who could stop traffic but only Amanda has the derriere that can freeze a laptop.

Dave had the finest quip in our stream of consciousness contest:

She looked at his limp body which was still dripping urine and I'm telling you smoke was pouring out of her ears. I wish I could
remember half of what that woman said because that was some fine stream of consciousness and it was all set off by a little yellow
river trickling under her tires which I like to call "The Stream of Unconsciousness".

Indeed, his post was the winner. The prize was a certain keyboard that was once associated with TMFLou2. I owe a lot of people prizes from the La Maison days, and now I guess my debt to Dave will go unpaid.

Here Dave said in his own words what all of us are feeling:

A love such as mine can not be measured in days unless you have eternity's calendar.

Moving on to NADA:

The highest compliment any NADAian can pay another is to say a post was true NADA; meaning that in its strident opposition to topicity, it transcends the mundaneness of practiced irrelevance into the subliminity of expression fused with emotion. Dave, my friend, this post was true NADA:

Now assuming you're willing to do this right, here's my advice. First, paint the car sky blue with a few white cumulus clouds to give
it a heavenly feel. Then affix a giant papier maché computer to the top of your car alongside a giant papier maché statue of you
looking as if you just descended from Mt. Olympus holding a screwdriver in your hand.

Could Dave have been more right in this post? The answer is no:

I don't know if Foollie is a woman, but I'd like to think he's man
enough to wear a dress.

A Day without Dave is like a Beer without Hops

Dave didn't shy away from puns:

Was there ever a more noble sentiment by a NADAian?

But the poor soul just walking the street too dejected to even make eye contact will almost always get my money. Some guys are so
downtrodden, they don't even bother sticking their hand out. I'll think to myself, "Is this what our world has come to? Panhandlers
so down and out they can't even summon up the strength to ask for a helping hand?"

That's when I find myself gladly reaching into my pocket. It's a much better feeling than sitting on a plane to Minnesota wondering
if you've been scammed or not. These guys almost seem surprised I'm actually giving them money. Is there a better feeling than to
bring a tiny ray of sunshine and a little bit of hope into some poor wretch's miserable life?

Dave's take on soapbox--Mrs. 4*D, if you're reading this, be sure to let us know if there is a memorial fund, I'm sure we NADAians are good for our $5 and probably a lot more.

Actually, it's hard to place a value on the relationships I've forged here, but I think five bucks a head ought to cover it. So, if you
don't mind make those checks out to CASH. Of course, that's just to simplify the recordkeeping. I give you my word. If you send me
a check, I'll see to it that the Fool get's their cut.

We should all reread this one:

Here is one truth: Lynch mobs are ugly. It doesn't matter whether the person being lynched is guilty or innocent. There is no great
honor to participating in one.

Of course, there were the milestones (check me on this, Tera): 32K, 34K, 37K, and 49K, plus a lot of near-misses and the delicious #3-6-9-12.

And finally:

He loved posting here and had a lot of friends and I know that you will miss him. Thank you for being part of his life.

Dave's next most frequented board was Tag Heuer, which I don't read, so it was as undiscovered treasure to me:

j'ai besoin des amis,
mes amis nouveaux,
mes amis d'Heuerleans.
avec ces amis
je ne suis pas seul.

A link to Dave's poetry:

This essential optimism negates the depressing aspects of the onslaught of oblivion. If one
believes, as I do, that despite what sometimes seems like overwhelming evidence to the contrary things really are getting better out
there, it should become easier and easier to forget and be happy as time goes on.

Folly in CA:

FourStar on FourStar:

I was at Saratoga back in 1993 when Fourstardave tripped and fell to his knees coming out of the gate in the West Point Handicap.
Spotting the field somewhere around five lengths, he picked himself up and resumed running even before his jockey had regained
control of him. Although he appeared to be out of the race, Fourstardave rushed up to join the field on the first turn and was carried
four wide all the way around the turn. Down the backstretch he kept to the task and was clearly in contention as they came into the
final turn but again he was caught wide. During the stretch run, he was stuck behind horses. Despite the tremendous amount of
energy he exerted early on just to stay in the race, he found another burst of energy, surged forward, split horses and got to the
front about midstretch. Despite drifting out, often the sign of a tired horse, he fought off the challenge of another horse right down
to the wire and ended up winning the race by a nose. The stewards ruled that as he made his way through the horses in the stretch,
he interfered with one of the other horses and disqualified him. That does not change the fact that he ran what may have been the
bravest and definitely was the most determined race I've ever seen a horse run.

Martini Club:

Self-knowledge, a worthwhile by-product of the creative process, is only part of the artistic equation. You must draw on your
self-knowledge, your experiences and the world around you in crystallizing a unique point of view or vision. You then must convey
that artistic vision to others using the tools and techniques of your craft, whether it be painting, photography or shouting down
drunks in bars.

Lisa's House O'Tushy:

Suddenly, in a moment of clarity no doubt brought on by the effect of the alcohol on my normally befuddled brain, I looked around
that entire bar and, for the first time in my life, I saw the world as it is. Up was up and down was down and so I downed my beer and
stood up to make my way to the restroom. When I got there, the stick figures on the bathroom doors that had always left me
wondering which portal to enter made perfect sense to me so I marched right into the men's room. And while I stood there at the
urinal, staring at the ceiling, I realized as if for the first time in my life that men and women were different. Way different. In fact,
they're about as different as a person from Rochester is from a person from Syracuse. And believe me, that's plenty different.

Well, as I zipped up I realized I hadn't quite understood the stick figures on the door and had, in fact, urinated into a sink. The
woman walking out of the stall didn't seem too thrilled about that but I knew she had to figure out a way to wash her hands as I
calmly walked out befo[r]e running up to my room.

Dave didn't sully himself too much in topical affairs. Here's a well-rec'ed classic from Berkshire Hathaway, his only stock board:

Whose board this is I think I know,
His stock is in the toilet though.
He will not see me stopping here,
To watch his board fill up with woe.

Dave also won the Ship of Fools Shipwrecked contest--nearly a year ago inspired by news of the now completed "Survivor". Dave was ahead of his time. I don't know if he ever collected his prize, or if Hops did as his proxy:

Living Beyond Your Means:

Hamburgers are 29 cents on Wednesday and I was all set to order two but when I reached the window I had an
epiphany. What's the point of eating a 29 cent hamburger if a 29 cent hamburger isn't what you want? Wow. I sat there for a
moment contemplating that thought. It felt like I'd been hit in the face with a brick.

I can't really say that it was a sad task to compile these highlights; rather, it was a privilege to reread all of Dave's posts. I've left one post unread; it was on Soapbox. I didn't want to have to pull up Dave's posts on Favorite Fools and have it come up blank.
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