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This election cycle the polls have pretty stable all summer and into fall. That's a bit odd on the face of bit, because you'd expect given the economy and such Obama is in a weak position. Obama has a small, but consistent lead in the popular vote, and a convincing lead in the electoral college. Unless there is some big unexpected game changing event, Obama has this thing in the bag, and had it in the bag months ago.

Now, the wingnuts are having problems wrapping their heads around this fact. They can't understand why the public won't embrace a wooden, flip-floping, out of touch plutocrat, who now disavows his own biggest policy achievement (RomneyCare), and has a secret tax plan. What's not to like about that?

Anyway, the wingnut conclusion is not to examine issues that might be important to the American people and find out they are on the wrong side of many of them. The wingnut conclusion is to shoot the messenger! Specifically, there is a conspiracy among pollsters to falsely report poll data (from Glenn Beck's site):

These over-samplings serve a few purposes but mainly drive down enthusiasm for Republicans while assisting the Obama campaign with “bandwagon” supporters who simply like being on the winning team (they’re real and they count)...

...That is the what and why pollsters are doing the massive Democrat over-sampling this election cycle.

Then I noticed today on the "Best Of" that conspiracy theory goes even farther. There are secret polls (available only to people who read chain emails) that show Romney cleaning Obama's clock!

To: Berlin_Freeper
I was talking to a friend that works for the Romney campaign and she told me that Romney's internal polling shows him up over 15%.

Obama and the MSM knows this and that's why they are pushing these fake MSM polls, to try and discourage Romney voters.

And if you follow the link to the Free Republic they discuss other secret polls that show big leads for Romney. Get it? The polls we can see are fake, but the ones we can't see are real.

Anyway, I just posted that as an update on the insanity of the wingnut community. Btw, no need to rec this post.
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