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Hi everyone,

If you've been receiving my tweets (less than one a day), you've probably been exposed to a site I like: Advisor Perspectives. I receive a daily email at market close and a weekly summary on Friday highlighting short papers written by various investment advisors. Thoughts about economic recovery, latest news, investment philosophy, writing annual letters, keeping high net worth clients, etc. The email includes the title and first paragraph of each piece. I pick and choose what to read.

Anyway, what struck me as funny was yesterday's email. One article was this:

Who Gets Credit For the Recovery?

What's the opposite of a double dip? Whatever it is, that's where we are. Remember commercial real estate, re-setting ARMs, foreclosures, muni-bond defaults, Greece, Ireland, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, high unemployment, more savings, or just plain old government debt? At least one of these, or maybe all of them, was going to make recovery impossible, or end any recovery prematurely. But none of it happened. The double dip turned out to be a figment.

Two articles later in the list was this:

Will the Global Recovery be Brought to its Knees by Commodity Prices?

The juxtaposition just struck me as funny.

I'm easily amused. :-)

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