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Getting back into the swing of things, fielding inquiries from recruiters but nothing that has jumped out as an opportunity. Most of the contacts are for out of town jobs or for the wrong positions. I'm not worried though, the right opportunity will open up sooner or later.

Who can't take too low a rate but would be willing to entertain a reduction in exchange for health benefits...

Avoid the Following Resume Goofs at All Costs
Companies don't hire resumes, they hire people. But your resume is often what gets you in the door, so if you can't get the interview it's nearly impossible to win someone over.

The strength of each resume is dependent on many factors, including the type of job to which you're applying. Hiring managers at Google will probably appreciate a well-crafted online video resume, whereas if your goal is to land a job as a CPA you might want to stick with something a little more traditional. But there are some things that are mistakes no matter what.

Here are eight resume blunders you NEVER want to make...

How Much Are Moms Worth in 2013?
Moms. We literally wouldn't be here without them. And whether they stay-at-home or work full- or part-time, how can you ever put a price on all they do? All the homemade meals, the nighttime lullabies, the nursed boo-boos, and the fact that when she's driving and slams on the brakes she thinks she has Hulk strength in that right arm she sticks out to protect whoever is riding shotgun? Who could ever even attempt to categorize moms and all that they do in a financial sense?

Hey, we're OK? That's what we do.

Obviously this is all in good fun and in no way 100% scientific, but for the 13th consecutive year we're doing our small part to show everyone how important mothers are by calculating what they would be paid if they actually received a salary for all of their hard work.

Why Technical Interviews Work (And Why They Don’t)
Some developers see technical interviews as just part of the process that they have to put up with when they’re looking for work. Others think they’re great, and a great deal more think they’re the worst thing to happen to programming since <insert most hated programming language here>.

Having made a business out of helping people prepare for coding interviews, let me be the first to say this: Technical interviewing isn’t perfect and I don’t think it is the way to interview a candidate. However, it has its benefits — if you understand why a company is asking such questions.

Your Boss Just Isn't That Into You
Have you read the book "He's Just Not That Into You?" While the now famous book-turned-movie deals with showing women all the signs of indifference from the men they're trying to date, the same principles can be applied to platonic boss-employee relationships as well.

Has your boss stopped calling? Stopped introducing you to new clients? Has it been years since the last pay raise or promotion? Falling out of favor with your boss -- especially when you think everything is fine regarding your working relationship -- is a tough blow to the ego. In fact, sometimes it stings so much that employees take shelter in denial and pretend everything is hunky-dory. But unless you feel like wasting years working for someone who doesn't like you and won't advance your career, you need to snap out of it and take some action.

Here are some signs you and your boss are in a doomed working relationship, and what you can do about it.

Careers on the Way Out
"My job is the WORST!"

How many times have you or your friends said that? Usually it's uttered in a moment of frustration or annoyance when everything seems to be going wrong at work. But for the employees who work in the fields included on this list, it very well might be the truth.

The website recently published it's list of the Worst Jobs of 2013. They analyzed several hundred jobs and categorized them by four "core criteria" with which almost every job deals -- environment, income, outlook, and stress. Using data from the US Census and the Bureau of Labor Statistics to name a few, they came up with a scoring system that narrowed down the "worst" jobs of this year. So if you've been thoroughly unhappy at work and you spy your job on this list, maybe it's time to start looking around for greener pastures.

The Sweet Spot for Raises May Not Be Where You Think
When it comes to salary increases, experience matters, but maybe not in the way you’d think.

Last year, the average salary jumped 10.2 percent over the previous year for tech workers with three to five years of experience, according to Dice’s salary survey. Tech professionals with 15 or more years of experience received a 3.8 percent increase, to $103,012.

While it stands to reason that higher salaries tend toward lower percentage increases from year to year, that doesn’t explain why those with the least amount of experience would garner smaller percentage increases than the two experience brackets above them. For example, not only did those with three to five years of experience earn a higher increase in average salary, but so did IT workers with six to 10 years of experience.

The sweet spot for salary gains and earning potential appears to be between three and 10 years. That would mean people in the age group roughly between 25 and 35. For these folks, the important thing to take away is that this is a good time to be socking some of your salary gains into a retirement account.

The Importance of an E-mail
People send a lot of email. In fact, noted that nearly 150 billion emails are sent every single day. However, another study showed that only 14% of work emails are “important.”  So when is an email important enough that it’s worth $11,000?

Answer: When it’s a well-crafted counter-offer to a job offer. Let’s take a look at three common questions job-seekers have.
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