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So How bout them Gators? Im watchin the punk CANES dismantle the cornholers and thinkin that Miami shoulds played Fla fer champ game. A lotta times the Gators fergit to bring their defense to the game and it turns sour inna hurry. Grossman looked pretty nice against poor Maryland tho. I guess thescore coulda been in the 80's if Spurrier woulda let it. I remember Spurrier gettin the heisman in 66 when i graduated from Shaker Hts High school outta Cleveland OH. He ran threw and kicked his way--- Was The Paul Hornung type player. Anybody remember the drop Kick? I think Hornung was the last player to pull it off inna game. I lived a block and a half from the famous Jim Brown in Shaker, OH. I remember talkin w/him in AJ Tassis- an import food store- and he was gettin lean meat to munch on. He was an amazing specimen of a man. Humble at that time 1964 and drove a pink cadillac w/fins. Anyone who grew up in Cleveland can understand how the bottle throwin thing happened- Its only the dogpound nature of the fan.

Been close to 30 yrs now since those Cleesburg days an I still aint adjusted to lack of snow in Montana cept at the high elevations. 13" precip/yr still just dont seem normal. Has not been below zero here fer 2+yrs. I was able to harvest peaches in Montana! Who sez Global warming is bad? Anybody invest in food producers like Conagra? They have been a steady performer fer me fer bout 20 yrs. later Hman
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