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<<Wow, SP.

Lighten up!

This was merely meant as a humerous aside to the conservate bent that I am exposed to every single day as someone living in the bible belt.

Heh, heh! Well, Seattle has about the lowest percentage of church membership of any place in the country. So I'm exposed to the liberal-homosexual line of argument you were promoting as persistantly as you are exposed to the Leviticus line, I would suppose.

It probably gets wearing on both of us for similar reasons after a while.

Since I don't find that Leviticus or attacking the Leviticus line sheds much real light on the issue of the appropriateness of homosexual behavior ---I'll state my own theory as an atheist:

As a general rule, I find that the beginning of good character is discovering that actions have consequences. If engaging in certain actions generally can be expected to lead to harmful effects, society can justly and appropriately stigmatize them as being foolish, unwise and make them illegal perhaps.

On the other hand, actions which lead to a good life and healthy living may deserve to be promoted by society as wise, approrpiate and perhaps subsidized or encouraged by society.

How does homosexual behavior stack up when tested against these theories?

Well, I know a number of homosexuals who are good people and lead good lives. So I've decided that homosexuality per se is not an indication of bad character by itself. As a never married hetrosexual bachelor --I would make the same claim ---my behavior does no harm to society or myself by itself.

There are certain forms of homosexual behavior and heterosexual behavior which can cause damage to society ---such as sexual promiscuity that spreads disease and irresponsible procreation concentrated among heterosexuals. So there are kinds of sexual behavior that are justly discouraged and condemned.

Also, one of the primary purposes of society is to create a protected environment in which parents may raise their children and educate them in values they find useful and appropriate. In my view, it is perfectly reasonable for society to prefer a male/female parenting scheme as the norm for raising children and to encourage that norm in various ways. That means that certain alternative forms, such as single motherhood and homosexual parenting, may reasonably be discouraged in various ways.

So--- the bottom line for me is that I disagree with the social theory promoted by the left that homosexuality is "just as good as" and "just as desireable as" heterosexuality. I think society can justly decide to encourage certain forms of child raising in particular, and discourage others. I think it is reasonable for society to discourage single motherhood, homosexual adoption of children and lifelong bachelorhood for that matter.

I make no attempt to promote my opposition to marriage to my young nephews. I can espouse those values in public forums if I wish but I make no effort to discourage prevailing social norms that encourage marriage.

Also --- I disagree with efforts to impose the social theory that homosexuality is "just as good as" and "just as desireable as" heterosexuality on others who may disagree with that theory. Laws that compel employers to hire homosexuals, landlords to rent to those whose lifstyle may offend them and laws that attempt to force homosexuals onto private organizations who do not accept these values such as the Boy Scouts ---such laws are obnoxious and oppressive, in my opinion.

Those who promote the values of the gay social movement should aim to convince their opponents of the wisdom and justice of their ideas, rather than using the power of government to force their opinions on others.

Seattle Pioneer
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