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General Motors November U.S. sales rise 5.8%
SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- General Motors Corp. (GM)
on Friday posted a 5.8% rise in November U.S. auto sales to 297,556 cars and trucks. The car side handed in a 7.9% slide but light trucks jumped 16.6% to 183,573 on the strength of its new GMT900 lineup. The GMC brand showed the biggest gains, up 30.1% to 37,440 trucks. GM also said its first-quarter 2007 production plans are off 9% from a year ago, mainly because of the automaker's move away from rental fleet sales
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Another couple of quarters of Silverado/Sierra data will fully indicate if GMT900 was a screaming success or not - so far so good. The question is what's the margin - some of the GMT900 Silverado models started out with $4,000 rebates - I was not happy to see that. The next step is the hybrid 6-speed automatic Tahoe, Yukon, Escalade, Silverado and Sierra models. The SUV's come in 2007, the trucks in 2008. They'll get close to minivan fuel economy, 27 to 28 MPG and will have the full capabilities for towing, off-roading, cargo, etc. etc. The sytem being used was jointly developed by MB and BMW.
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Holy gross margin Batman!

Cadillac truck sales, and GM makes sick margin on the Cadillac truck line is up 85% for the month and 9% for the year. That's good news and that is all GMT900.

Tahoe sales are up over 6% for the year - good margin there too.]

Suburban sales up 78% month over month (off the for the year).

Avalanche sales up 84%, Siveraldo sales up 18% (well 17.9%).

Sierra sales up 30%, Yukon sales up 100%, Yukon XL sales up 38%.

This is all money in the bank - very, very impressive. Not terribly troubled by the car numbers as there is no money in fleet sales, and the newest vehicles in the line up the Lucerne, Impala, the G6, and the entire revamped Saturn line is showing great strength. The G6 is up almost 29% year-over-year, Saturn sales are up over 17% for the year, and the Impala is up about 1% year-over-year and almost 18% for the year. The Impala is significant as GM is making about $1.2K more for each Impala sold in 2006 then they did in 2005 and with far less incentives. With a 6-cylinder DoD model coming I'll expect more interest. Saturn will continue to be hot - if I were buying a car today the Aura with the Cadillac 3.6L V-6 and the 6-speed semi-automatic would be very high on my list. Loaded out that is a Hell of a lof of car for $27K-ish.

I think the turn around is continuing to work - will be interested to see if GM is finally profitable as many analysts are predicting for the 4Q of 2006.
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