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Eli Lilly is throwing a bone to diabetics struggling with the high the price of insulin by introducing a generic, cheaper, insulin:

This month, Eli Lilly and Company announced with some fanfare that it was manufacturing a generic version of its own best-selling insulin brand, Humalog, which it would sell for half off — $137.50 versus $275.

The "generic" Humalog is manufactured by the same company, in the same factory, using the same equipment as the branded version. The article points out that's like selling an iPhone without the white box and calling it "generic."

And here's why diabetics are being crushed by the high price of insulin in the first place:

But they’re struggling, in large part, because Lilly has raised the price of Humalog from $35 to $275 a vial since 2001.

Oh, and by the way:

In Germany, the list price of a vial of Humalog is about $55 — or $45 if you buy five at a time — and that includes some taxes and markup fees.
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Aren't there more diabetics in the obese Red States?

Arkansas [35.9% Obese]
West Virginia [35.7% Obese]
Mississippi [35.5% Obese]
Louisiana [34.9% Obese]
Alabama [33.5% Obese]
Oklahoma [33.0% Obese]
Indiana [32.7% Obese]
Ohio [32.6% Obese]

They better start learnin' some 'rithmetic.

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Here's a visual of the "diabetes belt" (the red hashed area, 11.7%+ have diagnosed diabetes), those states listed by intercst, and an area (yellow, 9%+ diagnosed diabetes).

US average is 8.5%

The article is 2013, based on 2011 data?

There are also visuals of poverty and obesity, which coincide with the diabetes and stroke areas.

The "diabetes belt" has a lot of over lap with the "stroke belt".


The "diabetes belt" info is a PDF. If you want to see that, Google it?
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