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When online on my citibank or chase credit card accounts, they offer me a free look at my FICO score.

When I do this, would that show up as a hard inquiry, and thus possibly affect my FICO score in a negative way?
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No, that's not a hard hit and it doesn't affect your score. Neither do services like Credit Karma or Consumers have the right to see their credit histories and scores without being penalized for it.

Who notes the benefit for the bank is that those consumers with higher credit scores may be more inclined to spend more on their card...

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I don't know about that. I do know that has free credit score lookup with Experian. It has never shown up on my credit report when I've checked my score. Also, there is a phone app called Credit Karma that gives you your score with TransUnion & Equifax. That has shown up as a soft pull on my credit report. It updates once a week, I believe.
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