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SO is getting close to finishing school, and we're about 80% sure we'd like to spend at least our first few years together in her home country, China. Besides the obvious issue of getting the appropriate visa(s) (like whether I would need a 'D' residential, 'Z' work, or both), what sorts of things do we need to think about in terms of making it as painless a move for me as possible? Big things (selling my car), small things (taking extra clothes of the flight over), and everything in between... how do we do this?
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I don't know a thing about China visa stuff, but save your baggage room on clothes unless you are a big person, there are plenty of cheap clothes there you can select from that will be comfortable, affordable, and fit. Think about things you can't get there. I came to Korea with things like big towels, books, more books, and music, plus personal stuff. Maybe check out some ex-pat boards on living and working in China not related to a finance site would be best. Best of luck to you.

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I don't about China either, but my move from the UK to US had the following lessons:

- You have more stuff than you can possibly imagine. Prepare to sell/give away/junk over half of it.
- Start selling/giving away/junking now, if not sooner.
- Think about shipping - I decided not to ship furniture, as most of it was cheap and I could replace it for the same cost as shipping it.
- Start packing as soon as you can - I boxed up books, photos, ornaments I wanted to bring months ahead of time.
- Be ruthless, you don't need half the stuff you have.

Looking back, there is nothing that I left behind that I miss now. All I miss is the money I spent on so much useless junk! Things I did bring such as family pictures and familar books made the new place feel much more like home, very quickly.

When i arrived i was blessed with supportive inlaws, who had rounded up an old car (which i still have!), old sofa, some hand me down pots and pans, bedding, towels - the necessities of life, in other words! That kept us going until we could replace the stuff we left behind.
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If you have any educational expertise for teach English, make sure you bring any documents. I'm not sure about mainland China but Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and Japan allow foreigners to work teaching English.

Bring a decent Chinese~English dictionary. Finding something suitable can be hard within China.

Enjoy your trip and I hope it lasts forever.

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