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I am 63 my wife is 60 and I will be retiring for the second time in November. MY wife retired from her teaching job about a year ago with a very small teacher pension. I worked for a company for 32 years and was lucky enough to reach the magic number of years of service and age to get my full pension. I chose a lump sum payout. I went back to work in a little of 2 years ago and in November it will be three and I will be eligible for the company match to their enhance retirement plan.

My question is based off of fear in managing my retirement funds to last from 64 on. I have used some companies like Smith Barney, Fidelity and others but I always seem to get upset about the fee's they charge whether the money they manage grows or not.

How easy is it to manage your own funds and anyone have good suggestion for getting educated on this process.
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"How easy is it to manage your own funds and anyone have good suggestion for getting educated on this process. "

How easy.
And how to get educated.

TMF boards are set up :

and have areas like "Investing Strategies", "Financial Planning", "Learning to Invest"
and several others. There are people on some of the boards that are really
clever folks.
Then you find folks like me who do not know more than you know more often than not.
Local colleges generally have classes that go into the financial planning areas.
There are legions of books that discuss the topic.

But easy?
My first thought is that - yes it can be easy if you like the field. But I am
finding as I get along in years that there are sometimes better ways of spending
your time than managing investments and figuring cash-flows - adjusting budgets -
following companies - filling our proxies.
And then I think that if I am managing my investments - but my DW is not as
interested - what happens if I pass or an hospitalized?

So , think about what you really want to do - but should you decide to proceed -
there are no-load mutual funds and low-fee fund families (Vanguard is one that is
frequently mentioned) - there are low-fee on-line investment companies. You can buy
government bonds directly (TIPs).
A lot depends on what you enjoy and how much time you want to dedicate to the exercise.

Good luck. I suggest asking at one or more of the retirement boards where there are
more frequent visitors -

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