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Time for the late October raking, mowing, fall planting and general clean-up so the little
ones will not trip over too much stuff.

Tougher this year for some reason. My weight is down to 160 or so - and stamina seems wanting.

Laundry started as well.
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well - raking started - not finished
- but then until the leaves are all down the raking is never finished.

mowing started - but not finished.

Fall planting - got it done!

General cleanup - well - the English ivy is under control for the most part, the
debris from the garden planting is put away or ready, the bird-feeders are clean
and ready to be filled.

A small lizard crawling on the house was relocated.

Laundry is almost done - last load in the wash and may get to the dryer before bed.

course, tonight is garbage and recycle night.
And I cracked my noggin on a tree limb - had to get the scratch cleaned up and hold a
gauze pad on the head for a while. I go to a new family doc on Wednesday - the old doc
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Surprisingly, the wind took care of the leaves.
Rolled the hoses up and put them away for winter.
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