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I know most people probably don't believe in them, but how many in here have experienced odd happenings in their homes that they cannot explain from the usual contractions of the walls and pipes, etc., and wondered if they had a "ghost" or spirit sort of letting itself be known, especially in the wee hours?

We've had funny things happen over the years, at times. Nothing terrible or dramatic, but strange little sounds, pages turning in a magazine in the other room, etc., even without pets or mice. Have you?

Just curious.

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My mother swears her 150 year old house has ghosts but they have a mutual agreement not to bother each other. Occasional cupboards opening or things moved. She has a basement made of solid rock with nooks and crannies and about once a year the bat that lives down there will fly up, circle the living room and fly back down. One of the ghosts appeared while she was on the toilet. Looked like her dead brother. “Rude!”.
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I thought ghosts were only former inhabitants of the house/guests that stayed there.

If you have fairly new house, probably no time for strange doings, like dead bodies mysteriously vanishing, murdered wives, children dying during childhood and never growing up, etc.

or could be former occupant who has to wander the earth for 1000 years in penitence for having committed heinous crimes - or being a curmudgeon like Ebenezer Scrooge

I've never had ghost problems. Of course, most of the time I've been living in 'first time occupancy' of a house - new house or townhouse.

But even then, there are strange noises at times. My fridge (31 years old) makes all sorts of noises as it starts up and runs. If the windows are open, there are all sorts of noises from outside at times - from weed whackers to car noises, trucks, etc.... but when I take out my hearing aids, they all disappear so I sleep soundly.

Now if I lived in a 150 year old house with no so great previous occupant history - who knows?

That's when you call in the 'paranormal cops' and maybe your house goes on TV as 'ghost ridden'?

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If you have fairly new house, probably no time for strange doings, like dead bodies mysteriously vanishing, murdered wives, children dying during childhood and never growing up, etc.

You clearly never saw "Poltergeist."

"You only moved the headstones!!!!"

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This, like all good ghost stories, is a true story. <Imagine me telling this story around a campfire with a flashlight on my face....>

My mom swears she encountered a ghost once.

She dated this guy who bought and restored an old house.

First, you have to know how he got the house.

Sometime around 1920, give or take, a fairly well-off man built his young wife a brand new house in Hampton, VA. It was pretty grand--maybe 4500 to 5000 square feet--and looked out over Hampton Roads, which is a channel where the James River and the Elizabeth River flow into the Chesapeake Bay. It had a beautiful curving staircase inside, and a big deep front porch that wrapped part way around the house, and the master bedroom on the second floor had a balcony where you could stand and look out over the water.

The lady lived there her whole life and by all accounts had a good life, including 3 children, all boys. At some point her husband died, but she continued to live there. Finally, she was, by all accounts, very old, but apparently still in pretty good health, but the care and upkeep of the big house was too much for her and the house was really needing a lot of work. She was having trouble getting up and down the stairs, and had had a couple of minor falls.

The sons, who all lived in different parts of the country, implored her to downsize and move in with one of them, or at least into a small apartment. She kept refusing.

Finally, the kids decided that they needed to do something about mom, and they decided to come in and all get together and try to convince her to move. No dice. After a long conversation, she told them she didn't want to move, this was the house her husband built for her and she wanted to stay.

The next evening, the sons were sitting around the kitchen table trying to decide what to do, and one of them suggested that maybe they'd have to have her declared incompetent and make the decision for her. Well, mom overheard, and apparently she told them that the only way she'd leave the house was if she were dead, and that was all that she had to say about it.

And she went upstairs, to her bedroom with the lovely view of the water, got into bed, and died that night.

<cue creepy music...>

Months later, my mother's boyfriend bought the house fairly cheap, given its condition, but of course it was still quite a bit, given the times, and I have to think that one reason the kids wanted to oust mom was because of the value of the property, especially there on the water. He did a lot of the work himself, but also had some borders/roommates to help with some of the costs. (It was always an interesting bunch of people--men and women--I was in high school at the time, and they were all artists and musicians and writers, stuff like that and fun to hang out with. A lot of them would help with the work painting and refinishing, etc in lieu of part of the rent. That would have been about 1979-1982 or so, so think a late hippy-ish vibe....)

But every so often, the borders--it was always a woman--swore that she felt a presence in the house. It was never a male border. They'd report they smelled perfume, or heard footsteps when no one was in the house, and one swore they heard old-timey music playing from the attic. Nothing bad every happened, but it was just always this feeling that someone else was around when no one was.

One morning my mom was staying over, and her boyfriend had found a box down in the basement. He'd brought it upstairs and it was sitting on the kitchen table. My mom started to poke through it and found a really pretty china cup and saucer, very old fashioned, and just one. She took it out and washed it and set it on the table.

She made herself some toast and was sitting at the table eating it, and all of a sudden she smelled perfume and felt a presence in the room. And the china cup and saucer slid over toward her on the table, about 6 inches, and my mom swears she felt a hand on her shoulder. It was a friendly hand, giving her a gentle squeeze.

And then it was gone.

My mom says it was the ghost of the lady who died, and it was her favorite coffee cup, which my mom used when she was at the house (though she left it there when she stopped seeing that guy). She never felt the presence again.
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Odd happenings? Well, certainly nothing dramatic or that can't be explained by normal house things. Water softener regenerating, pops in the attic (especially at night as the house cools), etc. Definitely no apparitions.

1poorguy (yeah...doesn't believe in anything supernatural)
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Here's my ghost story:

My mother's grandmother lived next door to her mother in WV. When both of her grandparent's died, her mother loaned the house out to the local Catholic diocese to be used for housing visiting priests. Different visiting priests reported they heard various sounds including footsteps in the house.

After many years, her mother decided to sell the house. My mother and her sister went to WV to clean out the house before it was sold. While cleaning out the house, my aunt said "Grandma, we are selling the house. You can come home with me." My aunt's son and DIL were staying at her house back in MD. They were lying in bed. The same day my aunt said grandma can come home, the door suddenly slammed shut on the bedroom door.

I guess she came home.

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I loved that movie! Heck, when the dad was getting a promotion they would have lived in a larger home with a view but still on top of an old cemetery! The special effects were very good ... even for today. One may never want to climb a tree again, swim in a pool or watch late tv.
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What got me is the mom calls the dad to the kitchen to show him the little girl is sliding across the floor with no explanation and they just think it’s cute!

Speaking of “they never moved the bodies “

Fairly new house, five bodies discovered digging up for a patio...
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The city of Jinhae, South Korea has a cherry blossom festival every year (well, at least when there's not a pandemic). I attended it several times while I was living there.

I was never able to book a hotel myself there, because it wasn't a major city. Agoda didn't have any listings, so the language barrier was a problem. Instead, I found hotels on a maps website, and I had Korean friends call and book hotels for me.

One year, I got a hotel near a Domino's Pizza. It was nothing special, but it was fine and clean. I was just staying for one night with my ex, and we were leaving early the next morning as we had to get back to work that afternoon.

We arrived at the hotel and dropped off our bags. We didn't stay long before going out for the day, but it was a strange half hour. On a few occasions, the lights and TV turned on and off. Weird, but we didn't really think much of it. Things happen. It could've been electrical.

We went out for the day to attend the festivities before returning to the hotel for the night. It happened some more. The lights would turn off on us. The TV would turn on or off on occasion. Again, weird, but no big deal.

My ex and I didn't openly discuss anything. We just accepted it, but we were both definitely SUSPICIOUS of a ghost, spirit, or whatever you want to call it.

When we were about to go to bed, we turned the lights out. She went to the bathroom. While she was in there, the TV turned on. When she exited the bathroom, I asked her why she turned the TV on - fully knowing that she hadn't turned the TV on. She claimed that she didn't turn it on. I ignored it.

She got in the bed, and we were facing opposite directions. Then, I got poked in the ribs 3 times. It wasn't painful. It wasn't light, but it was firm. Knowing she didn't poke me, I still accused her of it. I said not to poke me. I'm trying to sleep. She replied that she didn't poke me, but now, she admitted that she was suspicious of ghosts. She thought there was a little boy in the room. She told him (not by speaking, but by thinking - as a way of communicating) to play with me instead of her because I would handle it better than she would. Immediately after she thought that is when I got poked in the ribs.

Ok - now it's getting stranger. Still, I wasn't scared. I had never had an experience before, but I was always open to them. I would've never said that they're definitely real, but I always thought that they were real, and I would've considered it impossible to prove them unreal.

Years later, I would go on a ghost tour in Prague. I was talking to a couple on the tour. The woman said that she doesn't believe in ghosts. She said that everybody has a story. It's just too much. It can't be true.

I thought that this was one of the most ridiculous arguments that I had ever heard. Try putting her on a jury. We have the suspect's DNA. We have his fingerprints. We have his confession. We have eye witnesses. We have videos of the crime showing him committing the crime. The woman in Prague would've declared the man innocent - there's just too much evidence, so it can't be real.

Anyway, after getting poked in the ribs, we both just tried to go to sleep. Why wasn't I scared? I don't know. As I said, I was open to the idea of hauntings, but this didn't feel threatening. It was just a series of unusual events.

Then, I heard the screaming. I mean SCREAMING. It was so loud that it couldn't have been coming from another room or in the hallway. It was like the person was screaming directly into my ear. Ok. Now it's scary. I'll take that as a threat.

So what'd I do? Nothing. I laid there. I kept my eyes closed. I didn't say anything to my ex. I figured that it would go away eventually, and I didn't want to frighten her. If she can have a good night's sleep, then she can have a good night's sleep. I'll just suffer through it alone.

Again, I figured that it would go away eventually. I didn't know how long it would last. If it was real and not a ghost, wouldn't the guests in the packed hotel say something? Wouldn't they complain to the manager? Wouldn't the police be called if a guest is keeping every other guest awake in the middle of the night by screaming as loudly as possible?

Unfortunately, the screaming didn't end. I didn't move all night. If there was something there, I didn't want to disturb it further. I would have an itch every now and then, but I never scratched it. I never rolled over. I just remained still. I never opened my eyes. If there was something there, I didn't want to see it, because if I saw something, I'd never be able to unsee it. I just stayed there listening to the screams ALL NIGHT LONG.

Finally, the screams stopped as the room lightened and the sun started to rise. Our alarm wasn't supposed to go off for another hour or two, but I just stayed awake. I wasn't able to sleep. She seemed to be sleeping fine, so I let it go. When the screams stopped, I opened my eyes, and everything was fine.

The alarm went off, and she woke up. Lucky her. We packed our bags and said nothing of our experience. It was a normal morning for the first hour while we showered and got ready to leave the city. We picked up our luggage, went into the hall, and walked out of the hotel.

When the door closed behind us, I told her that was the scariest night of my life. She asked why. I told her that I heard screaming the whole night. She said that she heard screaming too, but she didn't hear it all night. I asked her what she heard. She said that she heard a little boy and a woman screaming, and they sounded like they were scared.

I told her that I heard none of that - despite being in the same room as her, laying right next to her. I didn't hear a boy. I didn't hear a woman. I didn't hear anybody that sounded scared. I heard a man, and he sounded angry - as angry as anyone could possibly sound.

The following year, I attended the Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival again. This time, I stayed at a different hotel.

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We need Art to chime in on these stories.
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