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Interesting decision to take Daniel Jones at #6. I understand if they liked him better than Haskins (they know way more about evaluating talent than most of us do) but why not wait until the 17th pick and use the 6th pick on someone else (Allen, Oliver, etc)?

Jones was projected back of the 1st/early 2nd. Very unlikely another team would have reached out for him before pick 17. Redskins took Haskins at 15, were the Giants afraid they would have taken Jones there if they had the chance?
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Dave Gettleman is from Boston, so he is on a secret mission to sabotage the NY team.

All kidding aside, both the Raiders and the Giants could have traded down and still got their guy. But what do I know? These guys are all so freaking smart they usually end up outsmarting themselves, LOL
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If there's one thing I know it's that the pre draft experts know very little. But no one tracks that stuff so it makes no difference.

If you see your QB of the future you draft him, no one knows whether he'd have been there at 17 or not.
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