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i am looking to purchase my 1st blood glucose monitor.

i am not sure how many monitor this board besides fuskie but...

what make/models do you all use?....why? what do you like or don't like?

anything i need to know buying one?

thanks in advance!

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Hey Fred. I'm the worst one to ask because I'm still using the same meter I got 15 years ago. I did a quick google search for glucose monitors and got the following:

There are a lot of bells and whistles these days, from WiFi or Bluetooth enabled devices, but the simplest often works best. All you really need is a quick and reliable number. Be sure to check out the cost of test strips and lancets (I use as manufacturers often sell the meters at a low cost then charge a premium for the supplies.

Who would check with your health insurance company because they may have an arrangement where you can get a monitor for free...

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i am looking to purchase my 1st blood glucose monitor.

See if your insurance covers it. If so, they will tell you which makes/models are covered.

Strips and lancets for the meter are usually covered by Medicare. You can pick them up at your local drug store or do mail order.

I have been using the Lifescan OneTouch Ultra II since early 2008, when I was diagnosed. It will store up to 500 historic readings. There is software from Lifescan to read the meter and store them on your computer. I download the readings every quarter (=90 days, so 180 readings) using their USB cable that also plugs into the meter. I do that in order to see historic trends--and where things changed.

It can be as simple, or complex, as you want it to be.
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I use the One Touch Ultra 2. It's what my doctor suggested. I've had no trouble with it since I got it several years ago.

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