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I just made this for dinner tonight.

I made the pork sausage variety. Overall, I loved the taste, as did my bean hating husband. They did get a little dry in the reheating stage, so I'm not sure if I need to store them differently or reheat differently. The taste was good enough that I'm willing to work on them though.

A few notes on the recipe. Pea flour was impossible to find. I could find unflavored pea protein, but it was $35 for a giant thing of it, and I only needed a tablespoon. I have a vitamix, so I used that to grind dry split peas into a flour. It worked perfectly. I did the same for the teaspoon of mung bean flour. If you don't have a high powered blender or some kind of grinder then this recipe is probably not worth it.

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I have some olympian labs pea protein powder which only cost me ~$18. It was supposedly 'vanilla-flavored' but I could not taste any vanilla whatsoever--it tasted more like pea soup, so I didn't reorder (still have some). I see it's now ~$25 at vitacost and Cheaper than spending $35, but I believe the one I got is only a lb.

Maybe I'll pull what I have left out of retirement and try this recipe. Thanks for posting it--I have it bookmarked. I've been looking for something like this since my gluten-free journey began with regular homemade seitan (which quickly turned into the food-from-hades).
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