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The Gimme My Stars FAQ v. 1.4

Disclaimer: The reason behind the typical FAQ is for "newbies" to avoid wasting the time of others by asking stupid questions. We at the Gimme My Stars message board encourage stupid questions, that way you get to submit a message and we get to reply, therefore increasing our "total messages." Feel free to use this list as a guideline for potential future posts.

Q. What is an FAQ?
A. It is a TLA for Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. What is a TLA?
A. A Three Letter Acronym.

Q. What is an acronym?
A. Webster's defines it as "A word formed from the initial letter or letters of each of the successive parts or major parts of a compound term."

Q. I thought you were supposed to be able to pronounce an acronym like snafu or radar?
A. It's pronounced tlay as in play.

Q. What is GMS (Alternate abbreviation GM*)?
A. A TLA for Gimme My Stars.

Q. This is lame.
A. You should have been here back in the day. Who knew from lame!

Q. What is the purpose of this message board?
A. To increase our number of total messages.

Q. Why is that important?
A. So we obtain stars next to our names.

Q. Why are they significant?
A. The higher your star level, the less you look like a newbie at the Motley Fool.

Q. What do the stars next to your name mean?
A. For each message you post the Motley Fool keeps track of the number, when you reach a certain number of posts you receive a "Token of Foolish Achievement." Each star represents, at least, how many messages you have posted...

Q. What is the number of messages needed to reach each individual star?
A. 50 messages = 1 little star
250 messages = 2 little stars
500 messages = 3 little stars
1000 messages = 1 big red star
5000 messages = 1 big gold star
20,000 messages = 1 big green star

Q. Does that create a caste system between different levels of stardom?
A. At one time, yes. This is historical description, a breakdown by Joelsenior of the appropriate actions of each tier...

Q. And now?
A. Now, not so much.

Q. Your message board was, at one time, a little loose with the recommendation button, what's up with that?
A. Before we were limited to 30 recs per 24 hour period and doppels were free, a lot was up with that. Things are different now. Recs are rationed. We're posting smarter, not harder.

Q. Who started this message board?
A. A man loved by many, our founding father, the wonderful IFindKarma...

Q. That's an odd screen name, how did he come up with that?
A. It's an anagram for his name, Adam Rifkin.

Q. Why doesn't he post here anymore?
A. He was eaten by a grizzly.

Q. What is a Doppelganger or Doppel?
A. Here is a very excellent explanation from InkJetLabel...

Q. Why do some people seem to have a problem with GMS?
A. With who?

Q. What are milestone posts?
A. They are posts with significant numbers associated with them. Here is the list compiled by WorldRecordGuy...

Q. And what is a palindrome post?
A. It is a post number that is the same when read backwards and forwards like 10101.

Q. I noticed these certain posts with the cryptic letters OCD then a word following those letters. What does that mean?
A. OCD stands for obsessive compulsive disorder. If you hit the "submit reply" button and notice a spelling error or typo while the hamster is
churning out your post, OCD causes you to do a follow up message correcting the mistake. This behavior is only acceptable at the Gimme My Stars board and its affiliates.

Q. Really?
A. OCD: It's not acceptable anywhere, but people still do it.

Q. What is the longest thread ever at Gimme My Stars?
A. The "Hello?" thread started by dlkeiley...

Q. Could you explain the history behind this thread?
A. Yes, here is a brief explanation...

Q. Is there a reason it is still going on?
A. A reason what's still going on?

Q. Will it ever end?
A. Will what ever end?

Q. Then why did Joelsenior just tell me to eff off?
A. Probably because you deserved it.

Q. What is the official motto of Gimme My Stars?
A. "Sic itur ad astra."

Q. What does that mean?
A. Thus one goes to the stars; such is the way to immortality.
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