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There was a total divergence between the gold producers and the price of gold in the US. Gold down about $7 and gold mining companies up almost across the board.

The XAU is supposed to lead the price of gold either up or down but it was truly amazing today.

The insiders amaze me when they are so blatant. Do not be surprised if the Bank of England states that it will be cancelling further gold sales and the PoG really does hit the magical figure.

This is not a flight to quality stocks it is an indication that the majors are aware of something big that will effect this market and they are investing their money accordingly.

Ashanti is in trouble and insolvent and other miners Placer, Normandy have starting to unwind hedging. Those short are in deep trouble if they cannot manipulate the price and keep it at current levels. Barrick the biggest hedger of them all may have shareholder legal action to content with so this in itself will cause a riot at Goldman Sachs and other bullion banks.

The writing is now on the walls and it is coming down to the question who has the most money too loose?

Further when mainstream columnists start writing about gold, things must really be about to change.

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This is getting quite murky and if the company Ashanti cannot bed down some deal asap then the bullion bankers (17 of them) handling this transaction may have to revert to possession of the properties themselves and sale.

Note that shareholders are suing the Ashanti Board over the hedging deals (which involved Goldman Sucks) and Barrick (ABX) are subject to shareholder revolt over their hedging practices. Guess who are the major shreholders of ABX? Try Golman Sucks... interesting as it unravels! Another debacle!
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