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Hi Erick & KP,

Erick, your mention of possibly replacing JDSU & AMCC(I think they'll by OK long term too, I'm just not sure how OK? :^) with Ciena(CIEN) caught my eye. I found what I had been searching for for a while- any kind of important technological difference between CIEN & Sycamore Networks(SCMR) that I could hang my hat on. It has to do with STS1 grooming capabilty, which CIEN has, no one else does, & SCMR may have soon(with emphasis on both may & SOON). So paradoxically & counter-intuitively, I not only left being more impressed with CIEN (probably SCMR's closest thing to an arch-rival, if not peer; I see CORV closer to SCMR than CIEN in this cluster) vis-a-vis competitors in their space, but with SCMR as well.

I'll continue to pass along info about CIEN if I think it is of interest to NGN/Gorilla students/investors at KP. I will be following them on a semi-ongoing basis for my own purposes & interests anyway :^). Please let me know if you uncover any chart/trend/TA type or sort info from your side, & pass the cogno-baton :^).

plus, press next, as the first, most important link was busted, & can be found there.

Happy Easter KP, thanx for a great year(learning-wise, not market-wise), all I have learned here so far, & especially the considerable & formidable influence of Erick & Paul, but otherwise to the proverbial "cast of thousands"/too many others to break out individually on the board- THANX!!

Safe flying Xerohype, & may God speed you on your final mission :^)

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Hi OmahaFool/Benjamin & KP,

if you blinked & missed the previous post(actually the link in it to the NPI board, on CIEN & SCMR), I found a really cool board on the Silicon Investor site, called the *NEW* Frank Coluccio Technolgy Forum. After KP, NPI & the paid Gilder Reports research, I think it is my favorite "new" board I have found in the past few years for running commentary on the technological underpinnings of the NGN buildout & photonic internetworking.

I'll adopt this board & try & distill out the essence/highlights to KP in periodic, palatable, bite-sized chunks that the board can later peruse at its leisure.

yours lightly,

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I think that is the shortest post you've ever made. ;)

Seriously, THANK YOU for the wonderful information you bring to us. We're all grateful.

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Hi Bob:

Thanks for the thoughts and links for CIEN. I tend to think out loud a lot before making decisions about my portfolio, so it's good to have friends bring me information.

Thanks for being such a great part of our team. I look forward to reports and links from that new "Frank Couccio Technology Forum" at SI.


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Hey...Thanks and great!!

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Hi Steve,

no, actually, this is my shortest post :^)

seriously, thanks for the message. It gives me a sense of direction in what aspects, whether in content or style, that is most worthwhile & useful to others on the board, when I get appreciative feedback like yours.

The wealth of data can be alternately an overwhelming firehose, or a stimulating source of learning new things, depending on how one looks at it. I have found "paradigmatic" resources like the Gorilla Game(& Innovator's Dilemma) book & board, George Gilder's books, newsletter & board, & generalist boards like KP, NPI & Frank Coluccio's Tech Forum like stars that sea navigators orient themselves & help get there bearings by. They really help to fill in the blanks & connect the dots, sometimes. I don't think of them as substitutes for thinking- just powerful guides. Or, ladders & scaffolds, to help us rise higher.

Tenzig Noray(?), Sir Edmund Hillary's Sherpa guide, didn't carry him up to the mountain summit on his back. But Hillary almost certainly wouldn't have made it to the top unaided :^).

I find powerfully articulated visions & well reasoned stories(& this has been said about Gilder, as well), such as those put forth by the likes of Xerohype, Paul, Bruce Brown, Matt, Stocksure, Tinker Shaw & Dirty D can act as firebrands, & help to strengthen & clarify our thinking, whether we agree or not.

Not only is their a rapid expansion of data points & relative & comparitive change vectors to consider in tech investing, with the wealth of talent within the FOOL community, there is almost an overwhelming amount of possible mentors & gurus here. So it is important to be selective & discerning, to a degree that matches the comfort zone threshold of our "new" knowledge acquisition uptake, in kind, variety, rate, tempo, etc.

I think we have some great hi-level context framing & paradigmatic "resources" here. The perfect "engines" to help turn data, information & patterns into knowledge. And hopefully, a decade or two hence, small portfolios into large ones :^).

p.s.- I have been enjoying some more data mining over at Frank's board, & bookmarking some more articles & reports to schlep over. The man is like a human Light Reading-site. More to follow.

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