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Good luck investing with that "complete lack of knowledge" of opposing views.

Opposing views are long as they are informed. By your own admission you know nothing about linux. ie "complete lack of knowledge"
Here I'll just run down the list of what you don't know.

Make Microsoft a billion dollars a year in profit! Now that's what you invest for....PROFITS. But I don?t need to tell a know-it-all like you that.

You got me there linux can't make microsoft a billion dollars a year. But IBM seems to think linux can help them make money. They made 8 billion over the last 4 quarters. Oh yeah and now IBM uses Redhat for services.

How about, provide you with a support team of everyone you work with or live next too.

Wow you are two for two here. I don't ask my coworkers or neighbors how to use linux...I already know more then them about linux, windows and computers in general so I go where I can get real help...the Internet. Its faster and more informative anyway.

Maybe having top of the line programs, games and educational software is an issue for some people.

Top of the line programs like apache or openoffice or browsers like mozilla, Konqaror. Games? games like myth, quake 3, or civilization those kind of games. Educational software? How about a development suite with about a 1000 different coding languages to choose from...for free...oh yeah Linux its got Internet capabilities so if some one want to learn something they can use linux to look it up.

Maybe a little Plug n Play

My Canon elph works just fine on linux to import photos via USB...all the software I needed was on the OS CD. My CD burner works, my printer, my soundcard, my DSL modem and my video card. All configured during installation. Is that what you mean by Plug and play?

How about simplicity.
You cant get more simple then programming TIvo to record TV shows. Google is pretty easy to use also.

Maybe built in software that handles photos easily or plays music is appealing.

Photos - Gimp, GQviewer, Electric eyes these are all GUI based and with GIMP you get a Photoshop equivalent (i think its better) for free and it comes with all major linux distros and is installed automatically.
Music - XMMS? It plays CDs and MP3s

Familiarity, used it for the past 15 years and use it at work.

Hmm and do you still remember all those DOS commands? Anyway its fairly easy to configure KDE or Gnome to function like windows or function like a mac gui or like something completely different....the choice is yours.

How about the fact that I can buy an incredibly inexpensive computer at Costco and Windows comes pre-loaded. I can walk to the next table and buy additional hardware the works. Down the isle is tables full of software that runs on...............WINDOWS.

Cheaper then all the used 2 year ago models that became outdated with windows XP and 2000. I wouldn't buy hardware from costco to expensive compared to the stuff you can find online or even at my neiborhood computer store. I can just walk their not have to drive miles to costco. And most software for linux i can get online for free or i can order it online for cheap.

If all the people out of work in the world walked in and told their potential boss they don?t know anything about Windows because they have used Linux the past 5 years, buzzz wrong answer... NEXT APPLICANT PLEASE.

I won't even respond to this. Its just...oh crap what's the point. Here are some easy equations for you.

can use linux = can use windows
can use windows =/ can use linux

And all the corporations have accounting departments begging for Linux because then know of virtually no major accounting programs that run on Linux.

GNUcash, gnumerics...but corporate accountants don't use stuff like spread sheets or quicken they use databases like mySQL which linux the way big accountant departments don't use windows they use solaris or other unix variants. Windows just isn't trusted in enterprise .

Oh YES, Microsoft Office the number one program in the world does not run on Linux.

Openoffice, or you can always use wine to run MS Office on linux.

Myself, I like a good argument. I kind of enjoyed the give and take with you guys

I like a good argument to....a GOOD argument with real points and a lack of misinformation.

I don't have a BA in finance I have a BS in molecular biology. So correct me if I'm wrong here. Three years ago Linux did not exist in the public eye. It was invisible.
Now there are commercials for it, Microsoft considers it its #1 threat, Google, the #1 search engine, uses it for searches, Amazon uses it, Intel and AMD give hardware support for it, IBM is using it in its core strategy and is spending a billion $ in development for it, Sony has ported it to the PlayStation 2 platform and Redhat has IPOed and shown a profit supporting it in a soft market. As I understand it financial analysts look for trends in markets....I'm just a biologist here but in the tech sector wouldn't this constitute a trend?


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