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I don't follow sports except for the winter Olympics, but every four years, I get fired up with Olympics enthusiasm.

The problem is, I don't always know enough about the different sports to follow them very well. I'll be watching the luge or skiing or speed skating, and I won't know what the scores mean, or whether there's a preliminary run first, or whether it's 2 out of 3, or whatever. And the commentators don't always do a great job in explaining this stuff - they seem more interested in sob stories about American athletes.

Anyway, I would love to find a resource that explains this stuff clearly, for each sport. I looked on the newsstand today to see if there was a special magazine for the Olympics, but there was nothing. (There's an entire magazine devoted to fantasy baseball, but the Olympics only get 2 pages squeezed in between football and basketball?)

I've also been looking online, but I haven't found anything like what I'm looking for. The NBC olympic pages have a lot of information, but there are so many flashing ads and videos that jump up at you that I can't find much information. I'd love to find something simple and printable so I could refer to it while watching the events.

Any suggestions?

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I think I might have found something for you.

This explains a little about each sport, it also talks about the events, medals awarded, and some of the basics. It doesn't get into scoring.

Even better is this site

when you click on the sport it brings up detailed information about each aspect of each sport.

Usually there are people here who will speak up about the different events who are either participants in the sport or who have watched them for so long they know what's going on. Just watch for posts.

=) Megan
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