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Back from my casting outside the walls of Jerusalem.

Pretty funny that you suspend me, yet leave one of the root causes of the issue unassailed. Well, two in fact - another of the wingnut cabal was challenging me to fisticuffs and I suspect my reply to his juvenile tripe is what got me punted. That he-man can go tell Betty and Veronica how big his muscles are, but the larger concern is the hydra-like doppel fiend you have let stomp roughshod all over this site for a few years now.

I'm talking about PhantomZoner, EmbraceableEwe, LovesChocolate, PieInYourFace, FriedGreenPotato, PreserveCapital, TastyBitz, Caffiend100, stockmuncher100, Dow36000, obamawama, MsLongterm, YellowCakie and about 20 others. Even the wingnuts that egg it on know that it's the same guy. You know it's the same guy. It's beyond obvious. It's become a canonical tenet of this place that a CamelCase name will appear, furiously post hundreds of missives in a few days, and then never be heard of again. That is, of course, until it switches to its new moniker. Then, on it goes - same themes, same stylistic, same boards. In direct contravention of this rule:-

1. Registration

Members may only maintain one active registration with The Motley Fool. In other words, it's one registration per person. By accepting this agreement, you certify that you personally have no other registration with the Fool.

Unless the word "active" is considered with ridiculous precision i.e. whoever is posting that split second, how can you avoid the obvious conclusion?

Here is its classic dog-ate-my-homework excuse when it did actually fluff its logins and posted under the wrong name:-

Who knows if he is a dedicated amateur, or a professional astroturfer? The only thing certain is that it is prolific in both post rate and screen name amount.

Why does any of this matter?

In global terms, it doesn't in the slightest. The world keeps turning no matter what this vandal does - it's a miniscule transgression against a larger backdrop. A trifle. It's not going to go down in history.

However, locally, I think that it matters immensely.

These are the reasons:-

1) It diminishes the utility of the p-box. If someone chooses ignore another person, it's largely because of the issues or stylistics of the offending poster. For instance, I am told by wingnut after wingnut that I am ignored (via cut and paste osmosis), or that I have just been ignored. I'm also probably ignored by quite a few non-wingnuts who don't like my bombast. Fine. So be it. The thing is, I respect that choice, and don't try to impose myself by creating a new screen name and crawling out of the p-boxes of those who have placed me in it. That is, however, what the doppelator does. It has such a monstrous ego, is so - uh, how to put this? - driven and is so convinced that its message is vital to be heard that it has created who-the-hell-knows how many alternate names so that those who have chosen to block out its tedium might be exposed to it afresh. It does so with a mocking perversity (there's a certain sameness to the names and one is even DoppelerEffect(!)), but because of your lax enforcement of the rules, it gets away with it. It now means that to anyone who can recognise enough of a pattern to be able to negotiate a traffic light, on a circuit of boards (Atheist Fools, Political Asylum, Retire Early CAMPFIRE - where it is celebrated the most - and a few others), the "New" token is a joke 99% of the time. If you see a CamelCase name and the "New" gif, it's him. I ask you, do you think that's good for your site? Do you think that having a feature rendered fundamentally useless is fine?

Now, if you say "if its MO is so obvious then what does it matter?", I would remind you of the point made above. The purpose of the p-box is so you don't have to hear from someone again. This child circumvents that mechanism by popping up under a new guise. Beyond that, there are people who are not yet aware of its dishonesty.

And also...

2) It can be disgustingly, hideously, pathetically nasty. The worst thing I have ever seen done here - ever - is what he did a few days ago. A very heartfelt, touching post was made by someone who had just said goodbye forever to their pet. Because this person was an atheist, this unspeakable <censored> intruded on the thread and belittled the OP with a smarmy, snide one liner. That was a real person on the other end of the screen, and obviously in pain. That ANYONE would take it is an opportunity to try to impose more pain - even in trying to make its pathetic and wrong-headed point that it's silly for people who don't believe in god or gods or Easter bunnies or whatever the hell it wants people to believe in - is a complete disgrace. PUT THING HERE ABOUT NOT DOING IT IN A THREAD As I've said, I have never seen a worse thing done here, and I would like to challenge anyone to come up with an example that is in fact worse. And in your lax policy of letting it get away with pasting this site with doppels for so long, you have sent it a message that it can act with impunity and are rewarding its cowardice. The offending message is gone now - it knew that it would be deleted, but it also knew that the damage would be done no matter if it remained or not. Therefore, it got its desired effect: doing harm and leaving no trace. If it didn't have the luxury of being able to log in under stealth (or quasi-stealth, as I've said the names have a pattern - more of an indication that it is perfectly comfortable that you are never going to do anything about it) for a bit of one-shot bastardy, it wouldn't risk it. Because if it did, its wingnut fans would be forced to admit the kind of filth they champion. As it is obviously addicted to their approval, the lure of being so god-awful would be much harder to give in to.

For cryin' out loud, do something about it! I can't conceive of one single reason why you wouldn't. You have the IP logs. He's been kind enough to register some of his stable of screen names on the same day. Go look up "PhantomZoner" and "FriedGreenPotato" (both struggled into existence on September 27, 2007) and "TastyBitz" and NibbleNips" (both newly minted on September 12, 2007). He may have bothered to go to different locations (work/school/Mother's basement) to do it, but I sort of doubt it. If the IPs are the same, you need to take action. What are you afraid of? That he could sue? He'll impose a voodoo curse? What, exactly? Or, just admit that you don't care.

But if you don't, you should. Nothing good can come of it. In the end, isn't that - good coming about - a key element of what this place is supposed to be about?

(And, for the wingnuts who will caterwaul about free speech, it's not a free speech issue. Doppel-boy is welcome to spread his mania as much as he likes. I'd like him to: it exposes him very nicely. It's just that he should do it under one bloody screen name, so that those who wish to ignore him are able to do so, and that he won't be so tempted to do something disgraceful like intrude on the memorialisation of a loved pet and behave like an utter rear end. Is that so hard for you to understand?

And to those who say I am giving it what it wants - attention - I ask what else is the remedy besides appealing to TMF to do something about it? As I've explained, p-boxing is kind of useless in this case. It simply fires up a new screen name after a few weeks. And sometimes does something completely disgusting with it.

And to those who are thinking GAGAL, I have one, thanks very much. It's one that involves being extremely disgusted at people who - just for the pathetic sake of their wingnut politics - like to make fun of others when they are in real pain. If I ever lose that sensitivity, then I feel I will have lost a lot.)

Over to you Fool. Do something, will you?
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