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While I am always skeptical of government and always will be....I feel that one of the many problems in today's debate are the extremes. Lefties will call us on the Right "anarchists" if we express outrage or suspicion of government. We'll accuse Lefties of wanting gov't to "control our lives". And while BOTH those extremes exist, I feel that they are in the minority of their respective sides of the aisle. So in that spirit, I a limited-government Conservative offer an incomplete list of Government I LOVE:

*Restaurant owners must obtain licenses, and submit to surprise sanitary inspections. It's nice knowing my dish is prepared in a clean way. I like checking CDC sanitation scores for a cruise-ship, before making a reservation.

*I love that the USDA and others will make sure my milk, meat, and other things are safe. There won't be horse meat at McDonald's, partially due to government watchdogs.

*While I salute the innovation and profits our great Pharma companies achieve, thank heavens Uncle Sam will force them to yank drugs that can hurt or kill me.

*Most business owners/managers do care about their staff. But some don't and I'm pleased that a SAFE work environment, with HUMANE and decent labor rules are provided to employees. Especially where it comes to child labor.

*While I have issues with our school system, it is good to know that if I, OR my neighbor has a disabled child, a public school system is in place to provide some special help, teaching, bussing, whatever.

*As my parents grow old, I hope they are in good health but I'm pleased that buildings must have proper wheelchair ramps, handicapped parking spots, accessible bathroom stalls.

*When I'm in India, or China....and I can physically see the pollution clouds right outside the window, the EPA looks like my friend, not my tree-hugging enemy.

*While it's shown to be clumsy, thank heavens there's some integrity in our investment/equity trading systems. Insider trading, cooking the books, is somewhat deterred, thanks SEC!

*A developer just can't build a gas station right next to my home, even though he owns the property. Thanks Zoning Laws, for trying to make my community LIVEABLE along with profitable.

And on and and and on I can fill the list.

As a Center-Rightist, all I ask for is a healthy dose of skepticism for government from my Liberal friends. A speed-bump in the thought process before responding to problems with government, especially a Federal Government that dictates one-size-fits-all solutions for Wasilla Alaska, and NYC when it's just not realistic to do that.

I ask my Righty friends not to knee-jerk blame government for everything, because my list above is proof that Uncle Sam isn't all bad.

Above all, I want restraint on the Federal Government. And PILOT TEST solutions 1st, and have mechanisms to quickly CHANGE policy that doesn't work.

Sure, make sure the restaurant's kitchen is clean. But don't ban them from using more salt or fat in my food. It's no different than supporting a parent's right to spank his child's butt, but NOT wanting him to break out the canes, wood sticks, blood and bandages.

Good Government is what I seek. Not anarchy, not Nanny Government.

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