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This will be interesting to watch. Grail went with small sample size vs guardants test in order to get to market first.

Guardant and Exact are battling for first to have a blood test as a screen for colorectal cancer too, and Guardant is fighting with Natera too, who is also going after the colorectal market.

I am wondering if these sort of tests will become commodities over time. I am also wondering how the market plays out. Likely, at least initially, the screens for "just X type of cancer" will likely be much better than the "let's test everything at once" approach.

Ultimately, I would think a "test for all types" would be most desirable but it has to be a solid test with good sensitivity and specificity. Not sure we're there yet with GRAIL, and I wonder what happens in 10-15 years whether the market can support multiple players.

We shall see, but this is an exciting time. And there should be a lot of FUD about GH right now, I'll be watching their quarterly reports closely to see who is pulling away (if anyone).

Man if ILMN ever was allowed to but grail... Watching their r&d get cut loose would be something to watch.
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