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Great observations.

I am part of the greatest generation (imo) and the Rodney Dangerfield of generations it seems: Generation X!

For reference (I hadn't heard of some of these):

Born in 1972, I fall squarely in the "Baby Bust" gen X.

These are my thoughts/observations only...and I imagine a lot of these are subjective depending on one's unique upbringing, their religious/regional cultural influences growing up, the type of parenting they received, and where they live today, etc...

1. Gen X was the first video game gen and the first PC gen. Many of us understand today's tech, at least at a high-level, even if we aren't coders, and we are comfortable with cell phones and wifi and ecommerce, gps use, etc... We thought broadband would rule the world by 2001, so we made CSCO JNPR and every other networking stock overpriced as part of dotcom boom/bust in 2000. Elon Musk and the Google founders are our peers. Zuckerberg, thankfully, isn't one of us. Pearl Jam, Guns-n-Roses & U2.

2. Baby Boomers (my parents) - Like how I kind of stopped listening to new music after the 90s, they are comfortable with the internet, but like their desktop computers and they are hit and miss with the smartphone usage. They still have their VCRs somewhere. And they own cameras. Unless they worked for NASA, probably not many coders out there. Bill Gates is a "young" boomer as would have been Steve Jobs. Spielberg is a boomer. George Lucas and the founders of Atari? Pre-boomers or of the "silent generation". Ferris Bueller's dad...that was a baby boomer. Ferris? The character was a Gen-Xer, but played, ironically, by a borderline Boomer in Matthew Broderick. Beatles.

3. Millennials - they eat avocado toast every day with an overpriced coffee from Starbucks, but bitch they can't afford restaurants. They got screwed with 2008-2010 recession...especially those that were graduating college and trying to enter the workforce at that time. Sorry...but I have trouble liking this generation...the search capabilities of the internet gave them the false confidence that they didn't need actual world/work experience to know of what they speak. Gen Xers were MTV Real World. Millennials were Jersey Shore. (if you can't see the difference, I can't help you). I will give them this though: the console generation...Playstations, N64, first XBox, and then onto Steam for PCs. They were also the biggest wave of coders, imo. Britney Spears.

4. Gen Z, Zombie generation - they don't watch tv...they watch other people play games, or watch videos of other people playing games, and they also play games. They have never not known the internet. They don't understand landlines or desktop PCs. They will struggle, I believe, to communicate...or perhaps they will just change the norms in how communication takes place (and Boomers/Xers will be the odd balls). They are going to be impacted more by tech than any workforce...AI and automation will create a world where you either do labor or have high-value skills of some sort. Justin Bieber.

**Note: with all apologies to my beloved GnR, it appears music has been deteriorating each generation. Axl and Bono are both technically young Boomers, but the Xers are their real fans. Eddie Vedder is right on the border, but as a Cubs fan, he swings to GenX in my opinion.

Boomers didn't pay the insurance we do, for home or car or health. Boomers didn't have cell bills and internet/cable/streaming bills like we do.

Milennials and Gen Z don't understand those are optional, and will just follow their undisciplined GenX parents habits. In general, the cost of living seems to have skyrocketed compared to income over the years, adjusted for inflation.

So what does all this mean?
Who knows.

Data is still king...IoT, 5g, streaming...ergo: TTD, MDB, ESTC, AYX.

Because data is the most valuable thing on the planet now, cyber security becomes the new insurance, thus: ZS, CRWD, etc...

SaaS is absolutely driving efficiencies and removing costs for businesses...thus NOW, PLAN, CRM, WDAY, WORK, and others.

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