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The Impulse was in its first big car show over the weekend. Greenwood brings in close to 1,000 vehicles exhibited on 1-1/2 miles of closed streets in Seattle. Over 50,000 people attended - it was the biggest turn out we have ever seen.

Brought both the Holdenized 8 and the Isuzu Impulse. Instagram user oldmotors was there (you should follow him - you'll love) and featured my car on Monday. The link was forwarded to me and I started to write, "thanks, but that isn't my car, it looks like a press shot..." and then I paused, noticing the rivets in the front bumper where the front license plate bracket was, and the Greenwood participant sticker on the windshield.

WHOA! That's my car! So for the curious, here is the Isuzu Impulse post restore. For the outside all we did was give it a full on detail, clay bar and then four coats of wax, set with 5-minute detailer after, all by hand. Exterior black plastics treated with Carworxs Refinish Restorer, and new tires with one of the off the shelf tire shine products. That's it.

Picture was taken before 7 AM under cloudy conditions.
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Wow! It looks spectacular.

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Thanks - 3 months restore - of course up close you see all the small chips and belmishes that 123K miles of driving over 31 years has caused - but the paint is in fantastic condition.

This winter I'll be looking for a new windshield. The garage that did the mechanic restore got rock damage while out test driving. I wouldn't hold THAT against them, crap happens, but instead of notifying me, or contacting a glass shop that knows what they are doing, they used a "do it yourself" kit to fix the chip - which of course is about dead center on the windshield if you drew an X across the glass. The repair is horribly low quality, and my glass guy said I've got no options.

Windshield isn't quite unobtanium, but see no sense in putting one in and potentially getting a rock through it while I enjoy the summer.

On the subject of...I think I need to take it for a drive today - so perfectly sunny out and I adore rowing my own gears.
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