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I haven't my copy with me at work, but when Frodo puts on the ring during the attack on Weathertop (Amon Sul),( book I, the chapter a Knife in the Dark), (I may be wrong) (and upon his recovery in Rivendell) he describes that his perceptions are altered: Aragorn and the other hobbits' battle cries seem far away, while the Nazgul are so much clearly visible and beckon him to join them.

Gandalf explains that by putting on the ring, he is now half in the world of the wraiths, half in the real world, thus he more clearly sees the nazgul and doesn't perceive the real world as well.

I don't recall any description of Frodo's experience when he slipped on the ring at the Prancing Pony in Bree.

Did you notice any (major) inconsistencies between the book and the movie?


On the positive side, they cut out Bombadill. I've always felt this whole section just didn't fit. His existence is never satisfactorily explain either in TOLR or in the Simlarillion. In the book, he is a usefull excuse to throw in some songs, and more warm fuzzy feelings towards the hobbits. But in the hard and fast pace of a movie, he would just be a useless distraction.

They dropped Glorfindel and handed his job to Arwen. This is so-so. Glorfindel is a walk on part anyway, so tightening up the cast and consolditating walk on parts into one character isn't so bad.

But Aragorn is pictured as the heir who has renounced his heritage.

Whereas in the book, he is the king in waiting, itching for the right time to claim his heritage. Instead of being a King who is the reluctant Ranger, the movie has him as a Ranger who is the extremely reluctant King.

Will they cut out the "Paths of the Dead" from book III ? In the book, Aragorn resigns himself to tread the paths of the dead since it comes part and parcel with the role of Isildur's heir and rightfull King of Gondor.

Since the movie Aragorn does not carry Narsil reforged,(it was always in Rivendell as a museum piece) and has renounced his heritage, (see the dialogue between Elrond and Gandalf as to whom to trust in the coming fight with Sauron) how can he come to terms with his duty on the paths of the dead ?

In the book, Aragorn makes a big point about his ownership of the Broken Narsil and that one of the key events leading up to claim of kingship is the reforging of the sword.

When the fellowship leaves Rivendell, the book Aragorn makes a big show that Anduril (Narsil reforged) is coming and out to fight Sauron.

In the movie, no mention of the reforging of Narsil and that Aragorn really cares about it. Boromir is the only caracter that shows any interest in the broken sword, and his interest in it is limited to that of a museum display.

In the book, after the sack of Isengard by the Ents, Aragorn also lays claim to Orthanc's palantir as Gondor's rightfull king and weilder of the sword that cut off the ring; and uses the palantir to challenge Sauron. (later in one piece of dialogue, this encounter is describes also a bluff: he hints that he possibly has the ring and with the sword, he is out to get him) As a consequence, Sauron launches his assault on Minas Tirith sooner, emptying out Mordor just about the time Frodo enters, allowing Frodo a better chance of reaching Mount Doom, across the deserted plains of Mordor.

In the movie, Aragorn doesn't have Narsil reforged nor has any interest in being King of Gondor. How will he find the interest, courage and guts to take the Palantir and make Sauron quiver with fear ?

In the book Aragorn meets up with Eomer and they forge a strong friendship fully realising that each other is a King in waiting.

How will the second movie handle the Eomer-Aragorn relationship given that Aragorn wants nothing more than to be a Ranger ?

In the book Princess Eowyn of Rohan gets the hots for the future King of Gondor. Yet Aragorn makes Eowyn understand, sorry, I want to marry Arwen and Elrond will only let me marry her if I'm King of Gondor. It's been nice. We should do lunch.

This noble rejection pushes Eowyn to seek a glorious death in battle. This desires leads her to play a key role later during the Battle of Minas Tirith in killing the Nazgul King.

Why would Princess Eowyn get the hots for the unambitious albeit charismatic Ranger of the North ? He is now beneath her; being spurned by a quitter/backwoodsmen isn't the stuff to push someone to seek a noble death in battle, even if he does have a nice 2 day old 5 O'clock shadow.

The way I see it, the movie Aragorn will have one heck of a change of heart somewhere in the first reel of Movie II. This is the only way to reconcile the many duties Isildur's heir must accomplish and align itself with the wandering noble bum he is in Movie I.

(Will he be on a horse on the Road to Damascus and Isildur will appear in a vision Saying Aragorn, Aragorn, Why hast thou forsaken me ?)

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